Technology takes over beauty pageants, now there is a Miss Artificial Intelligence

He Miss Artificial Intelligence pageantwhich uses that technology to create the “influencer”perfect following strict beauty standards, emerges as a new initiative to perpetuate aesthetic canons and perfect lifestyles, only possible with AI.

In the first edition of this peculiar contest, which was released in April by Fanvue, a content platform based on artificial intelligence, more than 1,500 participants registered, according to the organization.

Issues such as its appearance and realism, the good use of the artificial intelligence, or its influence on social networks, These are the priorities followed by the judges in selecting the ten finalists of the contest, whose winner is expected to be announced this week.

One of the finalists is the Turkish Seren Aywhich has more than 20,000 followers on Instagram, where its creators show it traveling in Istanbul, Paris and Taiwanor at the controls of an aircraft.

“The standard of her content is incredibly high and we loved the originality and imagination behind each image. Placing her in different scenarios is really interesting and shows how AI creators can easily place women in traditionally male-dominated roles and fields,” the jury said of Ay.

The competition’s link to artificial intelligence has reached such a level that it has included two of the most popular virtual influencers in the judging panel: Aitana López and Emily Pellegrini, who have more than half a million followers on social networks.

But Ay, like other finalists, was not expressly created for the contest, but rather promotes jewelry which gave it life in December 2023.

“We wanted to work with an influencer to create visibility for our jewelry brand, Sirena Arte, but due to costs and various extravagant demands, we looked for other solutions,” project manager Furkan Sahin explained to EFE.

One of those solutions was to create Oh through artificial intelligence.

“While creating the character, we analyzed the type of content produced by popular female influencers in Turkey using artificial intelligence and created a character accordingly,” said Sahin, who said the technology recommended she be a redhead.

Meanwhile, in India, Digimozo digital marketing agency created Zara Shatavari to advertise one of your nutrition products.

“We wanted a new face who could advocate for a healthy lifestyle. AI played a crucial role in developing Zara’s look and personality. We used AI to create an attractive personality that aligned with the values ​​of our brand and helped us generate its physical appearance,” the company’s co-founder, Rahul Choudhry, told EFE.

However, despite the endless possibilities that grants artificial intelligence, the immaculate complexion of Shatavariher thinness and attractiveness seem to be governed by the same beauty standards as the other participants.

“Our goal was to create a celebrity in the style Bollywood“She is a beauty queen,” explained Choudhry, who admitted that her creation follows conventional beauty patterns and has received comments that Shatavari was “too thin.”

Something similar happens with the rest of the finalists, who, whether due to their thinness or exaggeratedly marked features to highlight their figure or face, project an image of perfection that is not in line with the supposed everyday life that they try to show with their personalities. .

This pristine beauty makes the social causes defended by the candidates gain more importance, which seems prioritize the jury in their evaluations.

So, Shatavari She claims to be a warrior in the fight against depression and passionate about fashion and travel. She combines this with her blog in which she publishes articles to counteract hormonal imbalance or reduce stress and anxiety.

“Her role is to inspire and educate about health and wellness, leveraging her celebrity appeal to create a positive impact,” said Choudhry, who produces these publications with the ChatGPT helpanother artificial intelligence tool.

While others like the Romanian Aiyana Rainbow They are seen as allies of the LGBTQ+ movement, and Frenchwoman Anne Kerdi is an ambassador for Oceanopolis, a fund for the conservation and preservation of the oceans in Brittany, France.

The destination of the $13,000 that the winner will receive, in addition to a publicist who will help increase her audience, will largely depend on the scope of these initiatives, the organization stated.