Marlaska calls Feijóo “ignorant” and “bold” and accuses him of spreading lies about immigration

“Ignorant” and “bold” are the adjectives chosen by the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaskato qualify Alberto Nunez FeijooThe reason? The lack of support from the PP the reform of the Immigration Regulations raised by Pedro Sánchez’s Executive. Because, in his opinion, not being on the side of the Government on immigration is an “absolute irresponsibility and a lack of solidarity.”

It should be remembered that the leader of the opposition Yesterday he asked the European Union for “help” to “control” illegal immigration in the face of the “critical situation” that some Spanish areas are going through, such as the Canary Islands. The president of the PP also warned of the “call effect” and argued that Europe cannot remain oblivious to this problem. “The Spanish borders are also European and this phenomenon cannot be the responsibility of the countries of entry,” he added.

Words that did not seem to please the members of the Executive. So much so that the Minister of the Interior, in an interview on “Las mañanas de RNE”, has assured that these statements by Feijóo are the result of “ignorance and maximum audacity” and has accused him of “spreading lies that bring him closer to the extreme right”. And, in Marlaska’s opinion, “it would be very difficult to understand that Spain asks for solidarity from the other 26 countries of the EU and that we are not showing solidarity within our own country.”

Albanian migrant centres rejected

At this point, he has stuck out his chest to make it clear that Spain will not resort to migrant centres in Albaniaas did the Italian Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni. Specifically, the Minister of the Interior has used the Italian example to denounce that the management of the “extreme right” has caused the opposite effect: a “record number of arrivals, with more than 170,000”. Furthermore, he assures that Meloni’s Executive has publicly recognized the good work of the Spanish Executive in migration policy.

And while he admits that cooperation between countries of origin and transit is essential, he believes that rather than “a problem” we are facing a “challenge.” Thus, he argues that Africa will double its population by 2050 and in 2030 it will be 1.75 billion people, so he asks: “What do we want to think about this?”

Armed Forces in front of canoes

At this point, precisely, the spokesman for the Popular Party in Congress, Miguel Tellado, has called on the Government this Thursday to address the “international migration crisis” that the Canary Islands are suffering, and to do so he proposes “deploy” the Armed Forces to “defend” the borders and prevent the “cayucos” from going out to sea.

A measure that has been received with irony by the socialists: “We wonder if Mr. Tellado prefers to send the flagship of the Navy, the LHD Juan Carlos I along with its embarked fixed wing Harrier aircraft, or one of the F-100 frigates, among the most modern in the world, to oppose the wooden boats that are falling apart on the sea voyage.”

The PSOE accuses Tellado and Feijóo of “lack of humanity in his statements” and the absence of any kind of “empathy with people, children and women, many of them pregnant, who undertake journeys in which so many lives are lost.” Because, in his opinion, this type of statement is a “daily blow to all citizens in this country who understand thatand immigration does not equal crimeand that a country like Spain is much better and more supportive than the main opposition party.”