Book your holiday in a remote location: this way you can talk on the phone even if you don’t have coverage

One of the common concerns when planning a vacation is whether at the destination There will be good coverage that allows you to use the phone without limitations.If it is a city, there are usually no difficulties, but if you are going somewhere a little far awaylike a rural house in a mountainous area, it is easy encountering problems with operator coverage. Fortunately, both Android as iOS They have an option that allows you to make calls even if the coverage is poor or non-existent. These are WiFi calls..

Logically, to be able to use this option you need have Internet accesseither by router or through another mobile phone that does have coverage and can generate a WiFi zone to which you can connect your phone without coverage. If you have this option at hand, then you will be able to make calls even without coverage from your operator.

This is a service that most of them offer, although not all. All the big ones do: Movistar, O2, Orange, Digi, Vodafone and Amena. Mobile phones, both Android and iOS, have had it since 2015with Android 6 and iOS 9but it has been necessary for operators to support the service to make it a viable option for most users.

WiFi calling uses the technology VoWiFiVoice over WiFi or voice via WiFi, which allows you to make voice calls over a WiFi network instead of the 4G network or 5G. The operators There are no extra charges for using this feature.but the same cost applies as a call over the mobile network according to your rate and the only step required is activate this feature on your mobile. It provides better sound quality and can be used with WiFi networks regardless of your operator, but these They do not usually support this feature in roamingthis is something you should check with yours if you are going abroad.

How to activate WiFi calling on an Android mobile

Please note that on an Android phone the route may vary depending on the manufacturer’s customization layer. To activate this option, follow these steps:

  • Open the Settings on your mobile.
  • Tap on Network and Internet.
  • Choose Calls and SMS.
  • In section WiFi Callingselect the name of your operator.
  • Activate the option WiFi Calling. Android will ask you to set the Call preferenceYou can choose to prioritize the WiFi network or the mobile network.

How to turn on Wi-Fi calling on an iPhone

  • Open the Settings from your iPhone.
  • Choose Mobile data.
  • In the options section under your carrier name, tap on WiFi Calls.
  • Activate the slider to Wi-Fi Calling (This iPhone) and confirm the action by clicking on Activate.