We will have to wait until this date for the rain to stop and the heat to be summer.

The instability prevalent in recent weeks, very typical of spring, will continue to be present although in many areas of the country they will begin to have a stability more typical of summer. Still, the Temperature oscillation will be a constant in certain areas and they will have to wait to change their wardrobe to definitively take out their summer clothes.

According to AEMET's forecast for this weekendhighlights the entrance of a DANA which will bring heavy rains, while in the rest of the peninsula the situation will be quite varied: from possible hailstorms in some areas to possible episodes of high temperatures and haze in others.

Thus, for this Saturday the isobaric maps reflect instability in the southeast of the peninsula, where a DANA will bring evolution clouds and showers. Probable and intense rainfall is expected in the mountains and it is likely that they will accompanied by a storm in the southeast of the peninsula, where hail could also occur. In the rest of the Peninsula and in the Balearic Islands, skies with little cloudiness or medium and high clouds will predominate. In the Canary Islands there will be cloudy intervals in the north, without ruling out some light rain at the end and little cloudiness in the south. Some haze phenomenon is not ruled out on the southeastern coasts, Melilla and the Balearic Islands.

Maximum temperatures will increase in areas of the southern half of the Mediterranean coast, decreasing in the rest, notably in areas of the upper and middle Ebro and Valencian coasts. The minimums will decrease in the northwest half of the peninsula and will increase in the southeast and north of Catalonia. They can locally exceed 34 degrees in the Guadalquivir. In the Canary Islands with few changes or a slight rise.

Light or moderate winds will predominate with a western component on the Atlantic and Cantabrian slopes, the Ebro Valley, Estrecho and Alborán. In the eastern Mediterranean area the eastern component will predominate and in the Canary Islands the moderate trade wind will continue. Strong intervals are expected in the Canary Islands, without ruling out the Strait and Alborán.

Weather forecast for Sunday, June 16

For tomorrow Sunday, instability will spread throughout much of the country and where they will be most constant is in the northwest of the peninsula, with an Atlantic front that approaches the extreme northwest of the peninsula, leaving cloudy or covered skies with rain and showers in Galicia, more intense in the west, without ruling them out in the western Cantabrian region and with an increase of cloudiness in the Cantabrian Sea and surrounding areas.

This will cause instability to remain persistent, and morning showers could reach the easternmost part of the Peninsula, south of Valencia, north of Alicante and, occasionally accompanied by storms, in the Balearic Islands.

Likewise, evolving cloudiness will develop in inland areas of the eastern third and in the mountains of the center and north, with the possibility of some showers in the Pyrenees, more likely and intense in the east. Low morning cloudiness, with probable mists or fog banks in areas of the eastern and northern peninsula, the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands. In the rest of the Peninsula, slightly cloudy skies or high clouds will predominate, while in the Canary Islands, intervals of low clouds are expected in the northern part of the mountains with probable isolated weak rainfall and little cloudiness in the rest.

The temperatures Maximum temperatures will tend to increase in the northwest half of the peninsula, notably in the Basque Country and Navarra, descending in the Mediterranean area. The minimum temperatures will increase in the northwest, decreasing in Andalusia, Castilla-La Mancha and the middle of the Ebro.

The trade wind will continue in the Canary Islands with strong intervals in channels. On the Peninsula, winds from the west and south will predominate, except in the eastern Mediterranean area where winds from the north and east will predominate, shifting to the east and south. There may be some strong intervals in the Strait and the northern coasts of Galicia.

Weather forecast for Monday, June 17

The entry of an Atlantic front is expected in the Peninsula, with increased cloudiness in the northwest half. In Galicia, the western Cantabrian Sea and part of the northern plateau, cloudy or overcast skies are expected and precipitations, more abundant and occasionally accompanied by storms in Galicia and Asturias. They may be locally persistent in Rías Baixas.

Precipitation may extend, less likely and intensely, to the east and south. On the other hand, intervals of low morning clouds are expected in the Mediterranean area and slope, without ruling out rain during the first half of the day on the southern coast of Catalonia. Likewise, evolution clouds will form inside the eastern third, with the possibility of dry storms, more likely in Aragon and Catalonia, It may be accompanied by showers in the Pyrenees and eastern Iberia. In the Canary Islands, intervals of low clouds are expected in the north of the islands with greater relief.

The Temperatures will tend to increase in most of the country, except in the extreme northwest where they will decrease, as well as the minimums in the southeast and in the Balearic Islands. Without big changes in the Canary Islands. 34 degrees can be reached in the Guadalquivir and half of the Ebro.

Winds from the south and west will predominate on the Atlantic slope and from the south and east in the Mediterranean area, the Ebro Valley and, at the beginning of the day, in the eastern Cantabrian Sea. Strong intervals are not ruled out on the western coast of Galicia. The trade wind will continue in the Canary Islands with some strong intervals in the channels between the islands.

When will the summer heat come

The truth is that the AEMET forecast for next week indicates that it will be colder than normal for the season, especially in the center of the Peninsula, with more rainfall than usual in most of the country and in the area. Mediterranean. So we will have to wait a little longer for the definitive arrival of summer which, according to the AEMET, will be in the week of June 24 to 30, where the heat will arrive suddenly and there will be abnormally high temperatures for those dates.