Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 7 begin their transition to iPhone, iPad and Mac

Capcom has announced that two of the games best known of the saga 'resident Evil'will reach the latest devices Manzana. To start, 'Resident Evil 7 biohazard', one of its most valued deliveries, will arrive on the App Store on July 2, 2024, for iPhone 15 Pro, iPhone 15 Pro Max, as well as for all iPad and Macs with the M1 chip or later. The remake of 'Resident Evil 2It is also in development for iPhone, iPad and Mac, although no plans have been finalized for its release.

Repeat RE Engine

Powered by the developer's proprietary RE Engine, both games promise “quality experiences” that run natively on Apple Silicon processors on all Apple devices. These titles use MetalFX Upscaling technology to offer outstanding visual effects and great performance on iPhone, iPad and Mac. In any case, you can see for yourself, since You can try a part of each game at the premiere via free download before accessing the full experience -with a single purchase-. The titles also offer universal purchase and cross progression between iPhone, iPad and Mac. With these features, you can access titles from three devices and continue your saved games both at home and on the go.

As is usual in this type of adaptations, the iPhone and iPad versions of 'Resident Evil 7' will include Improved controls with a new auto fire feature. This addition will open the possibility of automatically firing weapons after aiming at enemies for a certain period of time. But it also supports Bluetooth-compatible controllers for iPhone, iPad and Mac, which offer an experience closer to that of home consoles.

Resident Evil 7 biohazard

The installment is responsible for setting a new course for the series, taking advantage of its roots and opening the door to a new experience. With a shift to first-person perspective and photorealistic visual effects powered by the RE Engine, 'Resident Evil 7 Biohazard' introduces Ethan Winters, a man whose search for his missing wife takes him to a sinister southern farm where he must fight For surviving.

resident Evil Capcom

Resident Evil 2

Based on the original work, 'Resident Evil 2' returns as a deeper narrative experience completely rebuilt from the ground up. This reimagining of the classic offers a new vision of the saga with realistic visuals, surround sound, a new over-the-shoulder camera and modernized controls, in addition to the game modes of the original installment. The adventure follows rookie cop Leon S. Kennedy and college student Claire Redfield as they travel to Raccoon City, where they find themselves trapped in a zombie nightmare from which they must escape.

Editions for Apple

In relation to the configuration of the package that will be put on sale, the main game and the downloadable one 'Not a Hero', in which Chris Redfield is on a mission to solve the case, will be released together. You'll also be able to dive deeper into Ethan Winters' story with the improved 'Gold Edition', which expands the narrative with various optional downloadables, such as 'End of Zoe', 'Banned Footage Vol.1 and Vol. 2', he '5-Coin Set Survival Pack' and the 'Madhouse' difficulty mode. Finally, it is worth remembering that the latest installments of the saga, that is, 'Resident Evil 4' and 'Resident Evil Village', are now available on iPhone 15 Pro models as well as on iPads and Macs with chips from M series