The DRNA investigates the discovery of a dead turtle on Puerto Nuevo beach, in Vega Baja

He Department of Natural and Environmental Resources (DRNA) reported this Monday that it is investigating the discovery of a sea turtle that apparently died after the celebration of San Juan Night on Puerto Nuevo beach, in Vega Baja.

“The DRNA will begin an investigation to determine the circumstances that caused the death of this turtle, of the white gar species. “We will examine the available data and consult wildlife experts to clarify the facts and, if necessary, take appropriate legal action against those responsible.”expressed in written statements the secretary of the DRNA, Anais Rodriguez Vega.

“I reject any human behavior that endangers our protected species and damages our ecosystems.”. “We must all become aware of the fragility of our natural environment and we must act with responsibility and respect towards all forms of life that coexist with us,” added the head of the agency.

The investigation occurs after images of the turtle’s discovery were disseminated through social networks by pages such as Marullo Sostenible and Vegabajeños Unidos.

The white-sided turtles or green turtles, whose scientific name is Chelonia mydas, are a species recognized as endangered, both at the state and federal level. The preferred habitat of these turtles is in depths nourished by the presence of seagrasses, as is the case of Puerto Nuevo beach, in Vega Baja.

“The news of this sad incident underlines the urgent need for greater respect and protection of our marine life. Any damage to these creatures is an attack on the biodiversity of our island and constitutes a violation of these regulations,” said Rodrígez Vega.

For his part, the DRNA spokesperson, Aniel Bigiohe indicated to The new day that, so far, no information has been received about any other marine species that has been injured after last night’s festivities.

Although the publications indicate that the discovery occurred on Puerto Nuevo beach, the spokesperson, for the moment, could not specify if the incident occurred in that place where, by July 2023, the agency was investigating. the illegal hunting scheme for turtles of this species.

“The investigation is just beginning. I don’t have those details yet,” said Bigio. To questions from this media about whether the incident would lead to any penalty or legal action, he responded that “It will depend on the investigation.”