OCU denounces GAME for canceling its points policy without prior notice

The bomb exploded at the beginning of April when the Game company, specialized in the sale of video games, made a change in its policy of points for purchases that were converted into money to purchase new products. Well apparently overnight Game has changed that policy, the points have expired and customers are dissatisfied, to put it mildly. So much so that the OCU has taken action on the matter.

The mechanism was simple and similar to that offered by other companies such as gas stations, hotels, or airlines: for every euro we spend they give us points that accumulate. In most cases these points either they do not expire or they can be renewed even after several years. What is striking is that many Game customers did not find out about the policy change from the company, but rather from complaints from other users on social networks.

Given this measure, the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) has “reported the video game company GAME STORES IBERIA SLU to the Ministry of Social Rights, Consumption and Agenda 2030 for the irregularities committed in relation to its loyalty policy. Specifically, for the sudden, unilateral and without prior notice application of your points expiration clause on December 31, preventing miles of members of this company from redeeming the accumulated points to purchase other products and services,” they explain in a statement.

Although GAME alleges that the legal conditions associated with the purchase of its products and services recognized the expiration of the points program every December 31 (affects the points obtained in previous years), it is obvious that this clause had never been applied before, which in the opinion of OCU made those who participated in this program believe that the points were not lost. “Which would demonstrate an unfair commercial practice and contrary to good faith on the part of the company,” adds the OCU.

What is the next step? According to consumer regulations, their interpretation must be made for the benefit of consumers and that Game should have given sufficient notice of this to give users the opportunity to use the points. Everything is now in the hands of Consumption, who must respond, unless Game backs down on the measure before arbitration. If in doubt, the recommendation is that users Save any documentation linked to the points you have in your accountto.