Breaking political news today, live: amnesty law, resignation of Yolanda Díaz and crisis in Sumar

After the setback at the polls last Sunday and the resignation of Yolanda Díaz, there is, today, no ally of Sumar that guarantees its integration, but they only promise formulas for cooperation. So, More Madrid and Izquierda Unida have taken advantage of their departure to mark the limits of the new political relationship that must be worked on on the left.

Meanwhile, from Pedro Sánchez's Executive, they regret that Díaz's resignation could fuel the opposition's discourse, which is trying to draw a coalition in “decomposition”, and, therefore, they have conspired to transferr an image of “stability” and strengthfacing a new setback that weakens the left.

With the approval of the amnesty law and the future government in Catalonia in the background, Congress was experiencing its umpteenth confrontation between the government and the opposition this Wednesday. The hot topics: the transfers to the independentists and the Sumar's uncertain future.

Breaking news on political news, the resignation of Yolanda Díaz and the crisis in Sumar, live