Neither France, nor Spain, nor Germany: this is the Euro 2024 champion according to ChatGPT

The Euro 2024 enters its quarterfinals with high expectations and exciting matchups. Based on recent performance and the strengths of each team, here is ChatGPT’s prediction for the tournament’s outcome:

ChatGPT’s prediction for the winner of Euro 2024

Quarter finals

Germany vs. Spain

Spain has shown a solid and consistent performance throughout the tournament. Their defense has been almost impenetrable and their ball control exceptional. Although Germany is playing at home and has a strong team, they could struggle against Spain’s possession style.

Winner: Spain

Portugal vs. France

France boasts a very talented squad, including stars such as Kylian Mbappé and Antoine Griezmann. France’s depth and experience in international tournaments gives them a slight advantage over Portugal, despite the strength of the Portuguese.

Winner: France

England vs. Switzerland

England have proven to be one of the strongest teams in the tournament, with players such as Harry Kane and Jude Bellingham in great form. Even though Switzerland have proven to be tough opponents, England should be able to overcome them.

Winner: England

Netherlands vs. Austria

Although Austria has a cohesive and strong team, the Netherlands’ greater individual quality and experience in major tournaments will probably give them the advantage in this encounter.

Winner: Netherlands


Spain vs. France

This will be a very balanced match. However, Spain might have the advantage due to their possession-based style of play and solid defense. France has a lot of talent, but might have a hard time breaking down the Spanish defense.

Winner: Spain

England vs. Netherlands

England have shown consistency and solidity in their matches. With a mix of experience and youth, they should be able to overcome the Netherlands, although the latter are a strong and organised team.

Winner: England


Spain vs. England

Winner: England

The final would be a fascinating clash between two different styles. England have the advantage of a potent offense and an organized defense. If they can maintain their form and take advantage of their opportunities, they could beat Spain in a close game.

This analysis is based on the recent performance of the teams and the relative strengths of each. However, in football, anything can happen and specific match-day details can influence the final results.

Euro 2024 promises to be exciting until the end, and these predictions could be altered by the dynamics of the game and the surprises that football always brings.