Risk of rain and thunderstorms in several areas of Spain

Warnings for rains and electric storms that have affected 14 provinces at the beginning of the weekend will end this Sunday, July 7that which time temperatures will also moderate, reaching highs of up to 35 degrees in Cordoba.

In particular, the AEMET reports that a situation of instability will continue in the northeast of the peninsula with cloudy or overcast skies and precipitationsometimes accompanied by stormswhich could be locally strong in the Pyrenees and surrounding areas during the early hours of the day. Throughout the day, the skies will gradually clear and showers will decrease, occasionally being restricted to mountainous areas.

Low cloud cover is also expected in Galicia, the Cantabrian slope, the upper Ebro, the Strait, the peninsular Levante and the Pitiusaswith possible Morning fog banks and the possibility of light, scattered showers in the Valencian Community and the Cantabrian mountain range.

During the afternoon, cloudiness will develop in the mountain systems of the center and the eastern third of the peninsula, with a probability of showersespecially in the Eastern Iberian and the areas Southeast interiorswhere they could be accompanied by occasional storms. The AEMET It also indicates that the formation of low cloudiness throughout the day on the coasts of Alboranwithout ruling out the presence of coastal fog or mist. In Canary IslandsCloudy intervals are expected in the north and clear skies in the south.


Maximum temperatures will increase in the north and northwest of the peninsula and in the mountains of the southeast. On the other hand, they will decrease in the southwest, Mediterranean arc and Balearic Islands. They will descend “notably” in it interior of the Valencian Communityand in general they will remain without major changes in the rest. Minimum temperatures will rise slightly in the Mediterranean area and decrease in the rest.

In addition, it will blow west wind with some strong intervals at the beginning in the Strait and Alboran, with north wind in the Ebroand a predominance of northerly winds that will change to easterly winds in the rest of the Mediterranean slope, also with strong intervals in the Ampurdán at the beginning, and tending to decrease in general.

Sunday’s temperature record will be held by Toledo with 34ºCfollowed by the 33ºC in Ciudad Real, Granada, Jaén and Murcia.

The lowest minimum that will be recorded tomorrow will be in Burgos and Lugoof 8ºCclosely pursued by the 9ºC in Leon, Palencia and Soria.

Temperatures during the afternoon of this Sunday, July 7, 2024AEMET

The AEMET concludes its forecast with a predominance of westerly winds in the southern half of the Atlantic slope, and from the north changing to the west in the rest. Canary Islandstrade winds will blow with strong intervals in exposed areas.

Rain and a new DANA for the beginning of the week

The week will begin with instability due to a new front that will enter through the north of the peninsulacausing Cloudy skies in western and northern Galicia and western Asturiaswith possible scattered rains that could extend to the rest of Asturias, southeast of Galicia and northeast of León. During the first hours of the day, low cloudiness is expected in the Mediterranean area and in the Atlantic coast of CadizIn the afternoon, this evolving cloudiness will also affect the mountain ranges of Eastern third, to the middle Ebro and the Pyreneeswhere showers and occasional storms are not ruled out, which could be somewhat more intense in the Pyrenees.

Temperatures will decrease slightly in Canary Islands and will increase in the peninsula and Balearicswith a notable increase in the upper Ebro and the interior of the eastern Cantabrian area. Due to this rise, it is not ruled out that the 35 degrees in the valleys of the southwest and in the Ebro valley.