Hispanicity today

On the occasion of receiving the award for the “Historical Action of Spain in America” from the RADE (Royal Academy of Doctors of Spain), I already stated that in our History there is a true “historical genocide”. In the attempt to erase the best of the history of the five Spanish viceroyalties in the New World: the first, that of the Indies from Santo Domingo, with Christopher Columbus himself.

To then move on to those of New Spain, Peru, New Granada and Río de la Plata, in what was a universal Empire, from the Pacific (Philippines, Moluccas, Marianas, Carolinas, Palau, etc.) to all of America; from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego, which lasted three centuries on the continent, and four in the Philippines, Cuba and Puerto Rico.

In New Spain, the cultural development between 1521 and 1821 of the New Spaniards has been historically thwarted by AMLO, now retired, who spread sophistries and distortions. From South America, to the North, the President of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, in Spain, in his visit to Madrid for his inauguration left the saddest memory in matters of Hispanicism. And Milei, in Argentina, between her dreamlike fantasies and her rotundities, is seen as a luminary who falls into the strambote.

That is why we are very grateful for the book by Professor Alberto G. Ibáñez “The Holy Hispanic Roman Empire” which, according to its subtitle, is “A look at our common past for a new Hispanicity”. With a prologue by Marcelo Gullo Omodeo, author, himself, of the valuable books “Madre Patria” and “Nada por lo que pedir perdón”.

Let us return, then, to the Hispanidad in a modern, dynamic and beneficial vision, for 600 million Spanish speakers. To begin with, we must highlight the great economic and social crisis that the formerly Spanish America suffered for so long, after its emancipation, due to exclusivist liberators who reduced what was once an empire to twenty small republics, so often in conflict with each other.