Naturgy offers three years of free light for installing solar panels

Naturgy continues to grow in the self-consumption sector to consolidate itself as one of the main market players. Along these lines, the Group launches on Monday, June 17 and until July 31, a campaign through which it will offer three years of free electricity consumption to customers who contract the installation of at least 10 photovoltaic solar panels during that period. period.

With this promotion, the multi-energy company seeks to encourage new hires and continue growing in a market in which it already doubled its activity in 2023. The promotion of self-consumption is part of Naturgy’s commitment to the energy transition, to which it also contributes with its strategy to develop a portfolio of renewables at a national and international level and renewable gases.

The only requirement to access the promotion is to have a 2.0TD rate contracted with Naturgy and a contracted power of equal or less to 15 kW at the same supply point. The discount will be activated through a 100% incentive on the electricity bill for three years, with a maximum promoted volume of electricity consumption of 12,000 KWh per year.

This campaign is in addition to the one carried out in March, in which the company offered a 10% discount on the final price for the installation of photovoltaic solar panels, applicable to single-family homes and SMEs.

Activity doubled

Although the self-consumption sector experienced a certain slowdown in 2023 after a year of strong growth in 2022, Naturgy managed to multiply its activity by 2.5 compared to the previous year, with special relevance in the industrial business, in which the business volume has multiplied by five.

The increase in the industrial segment is linked to Naturgy’s onsite PPA product, through which it installs, operates and maintains a photovoltaic plant at the client’s facilities, guaranteeing a stable long-term price for a part of the electricity consumption, avoiding volatilities. of the market and delivering the installation to the client once the contract term has expired. In addition to the economic improvement and risk reduction, the client improves its positioning in sustainability, without reducing its debt capacity.

In the last year, Naturgy has closed important agreements with industrial clients such as Isla Mágica, Grupo Altadia or Taghleef, among others, for the installation of photovoltaic panels in their production centers.

The added value of the company is found in its ability to comprehensively manage the entire photovoltaic self-consumption project, as well as the services developed that complement the differential offer. This involves the design of the installation, the acquisition of equipment, the legalization, the commissioning of the photovoltaic platforms, the management of subsidies for their installation, as well as the maintenance services associated with their assembly and the on-site PPA product in the industrial segment.