Civil Guards denounce the dissemination in Guipúzcoa of the image of a minor who shoots at an agent

Last weekend, while it was being celebrated in Oñate (Guipúzcoa), the Fan Hemendik Eguna released some images showing a minor pointing a toy gun at a person grotesquely disguised as a civil guard while a demonstration was taking place shouting “Alde Hemendik Eguna” (“Let them leave here”), denounces the AUGC.

This is a day called for another year to show their rejection against the workers of the Civil Guard who carry out their work in the barracks of this town, requesting their departure from the Basque Country through the day they call “Fan Hemendik Eguna ”, the “day of getting out of here”. In addition, the participants chanted various slogans against the Civil Guard, the most used being “get out of here.”

“It is completely inadmissible that at this point, and after decades of being hit by terrorism in the Basque Country, the civil guards continue to be targeted by radicals repeatedly and even more so using minors. This is a new example of the isolation and harassment to which workers whose job is to guarantee the safety of all citizens and compliance with the laws are subjected daily in that territory,” the association points out.

“We demand the prohibition of this type of acts and campaigns that generate hatred towards the Civil Guard and its members. The Government should prohibit demonstrations of this type for uttering hatred towards our colleagues, the institution, their families and towards the institution itself.

Institution. Besides, We demand explanations from the Interior as to why the Prosecutor’s Office has not been given an order to act in holding these events.. It is intolerable that this type of demands motivated by resentment, rejection and hatred against professionals and their families are not prohibited. The purpose is to create a threatening and unpleasant climate towards the agents who are assigned there to ensure the safety of citizens and compliance with the laws,” they conclude.