Carvajal’s gesture when the anthem was played in the Spain-Italy match that everyone is talking about: “Yes, he did it…”

Spain He is already in the round of 16 of Euro 2024 after his brilliant performance against Italy. La Roja was in what was announced as “the group of death” and only needed two games to qualify for the round of 16 as first in the group. 1-0 is a very short result for the marked superiority on the field. Luis de la Fuente’s team had many chances, although the goal came from an own shot by Calafiori after a center from Nico Williams, the best of the game.

A meeting that had the presence of Felipe VI in the box and it began as is traditional with the anthems of Italy and Spain. A few moments in which a detail of the winger Dani Carvajal It became the most talked about thing on social networks in the seconds before the game.

As the chords of the national anthem played, The Real Madrid footballer stared at the camera that was focused on him and winked. A small gesture that would unleash madness among fans.

“Carvajal winking at the camera during the anthem, this guy is God,” “Carvajal’s wink during the anthem has left half of Spain pregnant”, “My father just asked me if he saw something wrong or if Carvajal winked at the camera in the middle of the anthem. Yes, dad, he did” or “The thing about Carvajal winking during the anthem has me braying” These are some of the comments that flooded “X” until it became a trend.