80% of Spaniards consider that AI can pose a risk to society and 60% fear that it will leave them without a job

It has only been a year and a half since ChatGPT came into our lives, but the impact that the generative artificial intelligence It makes it seem like a distant time. And at the same time, they open up a world of possibilities when it comes to working and creating all types of content. in any formatalso generate concern and distrust. During this time, many voices have been heard criticizing its rapid development and the recklessness that it may entail. the search for a general artificial intelligence that some experts They believe that it could lead to a apocalyptic scenario.

Obviously, a ChatGPT or a Gemini are far from reaching this, but The concern about AI is there and is shared by a large majority of Spaniardsalthough for more mundane reasons. 80% believe that it can pose a risk to society if not managed properlywith the main areas of concern being the work environment, misinformation and data privacy, according to a survey carried out by the technology consulting firm Entelgy to find out what the Spanish population thinks about artificial intelligence, its use on a daily basis or the situations in which they consider it can be present.

The reliability granted

In areas like the predicting medical outcomes or driving autonomous systemsuser confidence does not reach 5 points out of 10. The population feels more secure with this tool in tasks related to creativity such as planning an itinerary of activities for a vacation or in applications that facilitate day-to-day life, such as a security system based on facial recognition. However, even in these cases, the score does not exceed 6 confidence points.

How much is it known and used?

Despite the popularity of AI tools, the survey reflects that they remain unknown to a significant portion of citizens. He twenty-one% of Spaniards are not familiar with this technology and of those who admit to being familiar, a 66.3% recognize not having a great knowledge about it.

In that sense, only 31.7% of the population recognizes the daily use of AI. Specifically, they claim that they use this tool in activities such as online shopping, 68.7%, or when they use their social networks, 63.2%, being mainly Young people under 30 years of age are the ones who use this technology the most on a daily basis, 38.1%.

The risks and benefits that Spaniards perceive in AI

Among the risks they perceive in artificial intelligence, six out of ten Spaniards consider that AI can replace people in their workplacean assessment that is growing especially among women, by 64.4%. On the other hand, Disinformation based on hoaxes through images, sounds and content created with AIis one of the main concerns for 88% of the population. Something easy to understand, considering that more than half of those surveyed, 54.6%, have already been a victim of one of these hoaxes.

In addition, the risk of so much collected and processed data falling into the wrong hands is a threat to people, who have increased their demands regarding to the processing of your data and how this information is used. Specifically the 59.6% of Spaniards consider that privacy and data transfer are the main challenge of this technology, especially among people between 45 and 59 years of age, 88.5%.

But the population He also sees AI as an ally. Artificial intelligence has changed different aspects of our daily lives, also the way in which it is worked. Proof of this is that 53.4% ​​of Spaniards use Artificial Intelligence in their workplace. Not only that, but the 83% of Spaniards believe that AI should be taught in companies and workplaces.

Not only the business sector can benefit from this technology. AI also helps to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, according to citizens. He 19.3% of the Spanish consider that AI can protect the environmentspecifically in monitoring air and water quality, predicting and mitigating natural disasters, as well as waste management.