What is the WhatsApp 'green dot' and how it works

WhatsApp It is full of features that are little known to most users, but which can be very useful in some cases. One of them has to do with the call notification dot notifications. Because of that name it may not sound like much, but if we think about the visual indicator that indicates the number of messages pending reading in a chat, there we have it.

It is something that all users know, but it has an alternative modality that It is the green dot that does not show any number inside. Let's see what this green dot is and what it is for.

WhatsApp can be complicated to manage with many active conversations. The notifications point indicates which new messages have arrived and require our attention, but once the chat is opened there is no indicator left to differentiate it from the rest. If it contains something important or it is necessary to keep it highlighted for some reason, the user can resort to this green dot.

It is a function equivalent to that of email services. mark an already opened email as unread again and thus stand out among the others. In this case, the green dot is the visual indicator that appears next to a conversation, whether one-on-one or group, in the chats tab that WhatsApp shows when it opens.

To activate it in a conversation, you must follow these steps:

  • Opens WhatsApp.
  • Hold down the conversation you want to highlight with a dot of green. You can select multiple chats at once if you need.
  • Tap on the menu three vertical points.
  • In the menu that appears, select Mark as unread. The green dot will be displayed until you enter the chat again or deactivate it by following the same steps and choosing Mark as read.