The National Police announces that the DNI on the mobile will arrive “shortly”

The National Identity Document is the main identification document of the Spanish. Since entered circulation in 1951, the DNI has evolved until it reaches the current one, the electronic DNI 4.0. However, the National Police Corps announced last Sunday, March 10ththe arrival of the new digital DNI through a QR code that we can carry on our mobile phone.

Everything on mobile

In the announcement, which has been made official through the TikTok account of the National Police, the civil armed institute has highlighted the daily use of smartphones in the daily lives of Spaniards. For this reason, the Ministry of the Interior has decided to move the accreditation document also to virtual format, just as happened in March 2020 with the driving license through the “miDGT” App.

“It's your camera, your wallet, your GPS, your watch… and soon it will also be your ID,” the agent stated in the video while also clarifying that it could be used for any public or private registration process. This way, through an electronic image using a QR codewhich will be electronically signed by the Police, you can open a bank account, register at a hotel, rent a vehicle or even travel around the European Union.

Precedent of DNIe 4.0

The new step towards the digitization of official documents will have its starting point “shortly”.

Already when the DNIe 4.0, also known as the 'European DNI', came into force in 2021, the DNIE Digital Identity Program of the National Police, financed with resources from the European funds requested through the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience of the Government of Spain, paid special attention to achieving the objective of bringing the physical DNI to digital format.

So, three years laterit seems that the reality of being able to leave the physical accreditation at home will arrive very soon, although no official release date yet of this new functionality.