Video game and comics week: Harold Halibut and Damn Them All, other protagonists of the cultural field

We are preparing to face a spring week full of premieres in the interactive leisure sector. As usual, we have prepared a complete compilation with the video games that will be released between April 15 and 19 2024 for Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, mobile devices and PC. Among the main releases of the week is 'Harold Halibut'a narrative title of artisanal production and'The Mildew Children', a dark 2D adventure for Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC. The arrival of the expansion is also expectedThe Rising Tide' for PS5, which promises to significantly expand the 'Final Fantasy XVI' experience.

The number of already published titles that see the light on other platforms these days is striking, such as 'The Crew Motorfest'on PC Steam,'Grounded' for PS4, PS5 and Switch, in addition to 'PERISH' in its console version and 'Planet of Lana', which also comes for Nintendo and Sony systems. In any case and for the same price, we also bring together some of the most notable publications of the week in comic format to complement our leisure offer. Will you join us to discover all these new features and more?

Video games of the week

On Monday, April 15, 'Perish' (Xbox One, Xbox Series, PS4, PS5); 'KitHack Model Club'(PC); 'Scheming Through The Zombie Apocalypse Ep2: Caged'(PC); 'My Hotel: Echoes of the Past'(PC); 'Vertical Kingdom'(PC); and 'Survival Nation: Lost Horizon'(PC). The premiere of 'Grounded'(PS4, PS5, Switch); 'Planet of Lana'(PS4, PS5, Switch); 'Harold Halibut' (PS5, Xbox Series, PC); 'Kill It With Fire 2'(PC); 'BioGun'(PC); 'Retrowave World'(PC); and 'Lifecraft'(PC). April 17 is reserved for 'Argonauts Agency 6: Missing Daughter' (Xbox One, Xbox Series, PC); 'The Mildew Children' (Xbox One, Xbox Series, PC); and 'kingsgrave'(PC). On Thursday it's the release of 'Final Fantasy XVI: The Rising Tide'(PS5 Expansion); 'The Crew Motorfest'(PC); 'Sker Ritual' (PC, PS5, Xbox Series); 'Pummel Party' (Xbox One, Xbox Series); 'Lunar Ax' (Xbox One, Xbox Series); 'No Rest for the Wicked'(PC); and 'Age of Water'(PC). On Friday, April 19, we close the news agenda with 'Richman 11' (Xbox One, Xbox Series, PC); and 'Ready, Steady, Ship!'(PC).

PERISH – Launch April 15, 2024

Platforms: Xbox One, Xbox Series, PS4, PS5

It is a striking four-player first-person shooter title which, after its good debut on PC, now aims to attack the main home consoles. In his favor he has hordes of creatures in the scorched sands of “Purgatory” to annihilate, for later sell their corpses to corrupt priests. The plot framework places the player in the role of Amyetri, a corporeal spirit condemned to live a grim life in the intermediate realm. But there is a way to end this suffering: by initiating the “Rite of Orpheus” and defeating the chthonic deities that will dominate our path to “Elysium.” The developers describe its content like this: “Stylized violence containing gratuitous theological horror in which hordes of demons with golden blood fight against the player, who can kill and dismember them.”

Harold Halibut – Release April 16, 2024

Platforms: Xbox Series, PC, PS5

Developed by Slow Bros, is a handcrafted narrative game that deals with themes such as friendship and life itself aboard a mothership trapped in an extraterrestrial ocean. The title invites us to explore an exotic retro-futuristic world with Harold and accompany him to discover the meaning of the word “home”. 250 years have passed since your home, a mothership spaceship, fled an Earth on the brink of the cold war in search of a habitable planet where the human race could be preserved. Although most of the crew has made peace with the idea of ​​​​living aboard the sunken ship in the depths of the ocean, Harold will find himself involved in the lives of the peculiar and motley passengers of the Fedora I. Until, certain One day, chance will lead him to discover a completely unimaginable world.

The Mildew Children – Released April 17, 2024

Platforms: Xbox One, Xbox Series, PC

With an interesting combination of 2D adventure and visual novel, 'The Mildew Children' is a dark story about a town inhabited only by children who follow wild pagan traditions. A young witch named Kyrphel and her sisters are forced to perform a macabre ritual to save the village from her. But is it strong enough to withstand it? Combining fairy tale and horror elements, the story draws inspiration from pagan folklore and ancient beliefs. “Join Kyrphel and her friends in this beautifully hand-drawn dark adventure game. Participate in the Ritual and discover the secret of the village, interact with peculiar villagers, cast a spell and overcome the affliction that torments the young sorceress,” explain its creators.

Paper releases

In the publishing panorama we open the third week of April 2024 with the publication of 'Damn Them All #01' by Charlie Adlard, that is: the new work of the illustrator of 'The Walking Dead', which introduces us to the occultist for hire Ellie Hawthorne. Next, popular screenwriter Tom King and artist Greg Smallwood bring back a mythical character from DC Comics' past in 'White Human', a story that has managed to successfully combine superheroes with espionage and the noir genre. We close the weekly selection with a “Must Have”, 'Marvel 1602' by Neil Gaiman, where the brilliant creator of 'The Sandman' transports the great characters of The House of Ideas to the tumultuous 17th century

Damn Them AllComic Planet

Damn Them All – Planeta Cómic

Eisner Award-nominated author Simon Spurrier ('Coda', 'Hellblazer') joins Charlie Adlard, illustrator of 'The Walking Dead', to present a Supernatural thriller starring a new occult anti-heroine macabre and tenacious. After the death of her uncle Alfie, an execrable magician and detective specialized in occultism, the 72 demons of the Ars Goetia are mysteriously freed from their infernal kingdom. Now it's up to Ellie to track down each of these demons and condemn them back to Hell using holy water, spells, or just her trusty, rusty claw hammer.

Human White / Marvel Must-Have 1602
Human White / Marvel Must-Have 1602ECC Comics / Panini Comics

Human Target – ECC Comics

Screenwriter Tom King and artist Greg Smallwood recover a mythical character from DC Comics' past in 'Human Target'. Christopher Chance makes a living disguising clients whose lives are in danger. In other words, he is a human target. However, this time, impersonating Lex Luthor has been very expensive, and he has 12 days to find out who is going to kill him and the main suspects are members of the Justice League International.

Marvel Must-Have. 1602 – Panini Comics

What would have happened if the great creatures that populate the Marvel Universe, from the Fantastic Four to the X-Men, from Doctor Strange to the Hulk, from Spiderman to Nick Fury, had burst into the 17th century, instead of doing so in the 20th century? Neil Gaiman, the creator of 'The Sandman', has the answer, in an essential volume drawn by the artistic team of 'Wolverine: Origin', Andy Kubert and Richard Isanove.