Borussia Dortmund – Atlético de Madrid. Adeyemi, an earthquake on and off the field

An injury complicated the end of last year and the beginning of this one for Karim Adeyemi. The footballer, for whom Dortmund paid 30 million Last season at Salzburg, he couldn't quite find his place and the injury complicated everything a little more. It was December and he had barely scored two goals in the Champions League and it had not yet debuted in the Bundesliga. And he publicly blamed his poor performance on his relationship with Loredana, the rapper of Kosovo Albanian origin with whom he has shared his life since last summer.

«I knew what I was getting into and I knew that she is a public figure. But the way people judged me and reacted after bad performances was crazy. I didn't think it was unfair to me because I didn't play well, but it was unfair to my girlfriend.. She and my family have nothing to do with how I play and what I do on the field. The responsibility is mine alone, because I am the one who is on the playing field. “Sometimes it seems strange to me how some people take the liberty of judging someone they don't know,” he lamented in an interview with Borussia Dortmund's YouTube channel.

It also didn't help that In November he will resign from playing with the German under 21 after not having been called up for the senior team. But what was interpreted as an act of pride he describes as a health issue. «I always feel very proud when I play for Germany. But I had to get my rhythm back. and play again in Dortmund before I can show off against the national team,” he explained. And his plans still include being able to play with Germany in the European Championship that is being played in his country this summer.

Character has always been a problem in his career, since He was expelled from Bayern's lower divisions, which he had arrived at when he was seven years old. But a former Bayern footballer, Manfred Schwabl, signed him for Unterhaching and also hired his parents to make everything easier.

Then came his signing for Salzburg, a club with a great view of working with young people, and his entry into the elite. With 22 years old in January, this son of a Nigerian and a Romanian It is one of Atlético's big concerns for the second leg now that they have begun to find their way to scoring. His revenge against Bayern came with him scoring at the Allianz Arena for his team's 0-2 victory. There are already three that he has scored in the last six days.