very heavy rains in these areas of Spain

The weather this June is being a roller coaster. We start with intense heat, reaching temperatures up to 40ºC that caused the first orange notices of the year. However, one DANA and a pronounced trough the thermometers collapsed, with abnormally cold values ​​for this time of year in large areas of the Peninsula. This weekend presents more stable weather, with isolated storms and rising temperatures. However, next week will begin with rain due to the arrival of several fronts that will sweep the Peninsula.

This Friday almost average Spain will exceed 30 degrees in another day with rising temperatures. The sun will shine in most of the country and it will only rain in Galicia and the Cantabrian provinces, according to the forecast of the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet).

Temperatures will rise throughout the country except in Galicia, Asturias and Cantabria, where they will drop, and the Canary Islands and Extremadura, where they will remain the same. The rise will be notable in the interior of the eastern peninsula. and the thermometers will read more than 30 degrees in much of the interior of the southwest quadrant, areas of Valencia and the Ebro valley, reports Servimedia. It will be warmer in Córdoba (36 degrees), Seville (35) and Granada and Zaragoza (34), while it will be milder in Oviedo (18), A Coruña (19) and Lugo and Santander (20).

In general, it will be a day with stable weather and slightly cloudy skies or medium and high clouds, except the passage of an Atlantic front that will affect Galicia, the Cantabrian Sea, the Pyrenees and surrounding areas, leaving rainfall, generally weak, that will move from west to east throughout the day.

Where will it rain on the weekend?

He Saturday weak rains will continue in the extreme north, and in the eastern third, while in the rest cloudy intervals and temperatures that will drop due to the arrival of cooler airor, with greater intensity in the northeast of the Peninsula, especially in Navarra, La Rioja and western Aragon. In the Cantabrian Sea, the maximum temperatures will be between 18 and 22 degrees and the warmest atmosphere will be noted in the south, with 32 to 34 degrees in many parts of Andalusia and in southern areas of the Valencian Community and the Region of Murcia. In the Guadalquivir Valley it will exceed 34 degrees.

Sunday will be a quiet day, although a front will brush the northwest and leave rain and showers of little importance, while in Galicia and Asturias return clouds will also grow and in Mallorca, with some scattered showers. That day, the maximums will rise in the west and north and will fall in the Mediterranean area and in the Balearic Islands, with values ​​above 30 degrees in the northeast, central zone and half of the southand up to 34-36 degrees will be reached in the Guadalquivir Valley.

Spain is preparing for a new carousel of fronts

Next week will begin with a greater influence of low Atlantic pressures with rains in Galicia, abundant in the west of this community, as well as in the Cantabrian Sea and in the northwest of Castilla y León. Temperatures will generally be higher, exceeding 28-30 degrees in large areas of the country, 32 degrees in most of the center and south of the peninsula and 34-36 degrees in the Ebro and Guadalquivir valleys.

For the following days, the AEMET anticipates that “low Atlantic pressures affect the peninsula with greater intensity“with rain in large areas of the territory, more abundant in Galicia and the Cantabrian Communities and that They could be accompanied by a storm in the northern half, in parts of the eastern peninsula and in the Balearic Islandss. Furthermore, temperatures will drop and the atmosphere will again be cool for the season, especially between Wednesday and Thursday, without reaching 30 degrees, except in isolated points within the Mediterranean communities. From Fridaythe weather will be calm, with hardly any rain and with temperatures clearly rising, exceeding 34-36 degrees in large areas of the southern half.

The AEMET highlights that the week will be colder than normal for the season, especially in much of the interior of the peninsula. Besides, Precipitation will be higher than usual in most of the north of the Peninsula and areas of the Mediterranean area. For the next two weeks, between June 24 and July 7, the state agency predicts temperatures above normal and little rainfall, especially during the week of June 24 to 30.