Topuria speaks out about the Georgia-Spain round of 16: his photos give a clue

The Group Stage of Euro 2024 has ended and Now comes the turn of the Round of 16 with matches as exciting as Belgium-France, Germany-Denmark or Switzerland-Italy. However, one of the matches that generates the most expectation is, without a doubt, Spain vs. Georgia, a confrontation between one of the favorites of the contest and one of the surprises of this Euro Cup, and the reason is not just football. This encounter will break Ilia Topuria’s heart in two: Who will you support in the round of 16?

It’s like having two children

“I feel super Spanish, I also feel Georgian, it’s like having two children. You can’t choose between the two when they ask me. You love them both equally… It’s not possible,” were the statements of the current UFC Featherweight World Champion, who will experience this fight in a very special way, which will put his heart in check.

Topuria was born in Germany to Georgian parents and moved to Georgia at the age of 7. He arrived in Spain at the age of 15 and began to practice martial arts. He is proud to be Spanish and Georgian. In Alicante, at the Climent Club, he began to practice wrestling with his brother Aleksandre Topuria: “I acquired my level of maturity in Spain, I found my profession there, my passion. My family lives in Spain, my son lives there, my house, my friends, everything is there,” he said about his other nationality.

In fact, his patriotism led him to send a ‘warning’ to all those who criticize him for displaying two flags indiscriminately in each of his victories: “I have an immense love for Spain and for Georgia. I cannot choose and anyone who says anythingBefore these two flags before me he will pay for his words and his deeds.”

A love for Spain that he also demonstrated on October 12. El Matador published an emotional message to commemorate the National Holiday: “The country that welcomed me, where I have matured as a professional and as a person, where I live with my family, where I have my home,” he recalled.

A talisman for the Georgian national team

Now, “El Matador” is forced, very reluctantly, to choose between his two flags. In fact, Topuria became a talisman for the Georgian national team in the Euro qualifier 2024 between Georgia and Luxembourg which marked their place in the play-offs.

On March 21, he took to the Boris Paichadze Dinamo Arena to make the grand opening and show off his UFC championship belt to nearly 55,000 people. ‘El Matador’ was a real lucky charm for the Georgian team, which secured its place in the final of the Eurocup play-offs after beating Luxembourg by two goals. At the end of the match, he celebrated with the players their passage to the last round of the play-offs in the locker room.

After the great feat, the UFC featherweight world champion celebrated fervently on social media: “I had no doubts about our victory! We are also going to the group stage” he wrote before assuring that he would defend both teams at the Eurocup.

In fact, the fighter was congratulated that Spain and Georgia did not share a group, since Luis de la Fuente’s men were placed in B with Croatia, Italy and Albania, while the Georgian team was in F along with Portugal, Turkey and the Republic. Czech.

Do your photos give it away?

Now fate has wanted that their paths cross in the round of 16 and the fighter has already spoken on social networks. Topuria has posted a post with the flags of both countries and a heart in the middle, as a sign that during the round of 16 match, she will support both teams. However, In the publication two photographs of him appear in the Alicante Bullring. A detail that has been interpreted by users as a clear nod to Spain.