TikTok Lite, the new TikTok app that pays you to watch videos

ByteDance has a new application under the brand TikTok which is now available in Spain, both for Android as for iOS. TikTok Lite It is a particular case since it is virtually identical to the already known TikTok, with a couple of differences. Makes use of less bandwidth for viewing videos, which provides an even more agile user experience, and gives rewards to the user to carry out certain activities within the app.

TikTok Lite aims to “inspire and encourage you to explore content, and support the creators you admire.” The rewards program gives points in exchange for actions such as enter daily for a certain period of time, invite friends to the app, watch videos recommended by the platform or like.

What is the normal activity of any user on the social network here gets you points that you can redeem for Amazon or PayPal gift cards or for coins to pay your favorite creators. The question is, how does it pay? The equivalence between points and euros is 10,000 points for 1 euro.

Thus, entering the application for ten days means 3,000 points or 30 euro cents. Like 3 videos, 100 points or 1 cent. Follow 3 creators, same thing. Things get better if a new user is invited to the application and he or she complies with what the app asks for, which is 90,000 points or 9 euros. While watching videos recommended by the app, within the time period established by the reward, means up to 33,465 points or €3.34.

TikTok Lite Rewards Program.Alfredo Biurrun.

The minimum age for using TikTok Lite is 13 yearsalthough to access the rewards program you must have 18 years. The app gives several options to verify age: an estimate of it from a selfie or taking an image showing your ID or providing a credit card.

The European Commission investigates TikTok Lite

In any case, the future of TikTok Lite in Europe is unclear. After the launch of the app, the European Comission has launched an investigation into the possible repercussions of the rewards program “in the protection of minors, as well as in the mental health of users, in particular regarding the possibility of inducing addictive behavior”. TikTok Lite has until April 26 to respond to the information requests requested by the commission.

TikTok Lite is not the only app with this name that can be found on Google Play and the App Store. The one in question has the tagline of Explore and support while TikTok Lite is simply designed for use on devices with less than 2GB of RAM.