These are thirteen ways to give your old router a second life

If you have renewed your router or been sent a new one, you may be wondering what to do with the old one beyond simply throwing it away. Here we present you for an old router that will allow you to continue making the most of it.

1. Expand the number of Ethernet ports:

If you need more ports Ethernet to connect additional devices, you can use your old router like a network switch. Simply plug it into your main router via an Ethernet cable and disable the wireless network on the old one to avoid conflicts.

2. Turn it into a Wi-Fi repeater:

If your current Wi-Fi network coverage does not reach all areas of your home, you can use your old router as a repeater. Place it in a strategic place to receive the signal from the main router and connect it via Ethernet cable. This will expand Wi-Fi coverage in your home.

3. Create a Wi-Fi Network for visitors:

Use your old router to create a separate Wi-Fi network for your visits. Connect both routers via Ethernet cable and configure the old one on bridge mode so that it works as an extension of your main network, but with a different name and password.

4. Implement child protection:

Configure your old router with parental protection to control access to different web pages and Internet services, as well as establish usage time limits.

5. Create your own VPN router:

If your old router supports custom software, you can configure it with a service VPN to browse securely and privately through Internet.

6. Establish a network for clients:

If you have a business like a cafeteria and want to offer Wifi free to your clients, you can use your old router to create an access point hotspot. This will allow you to offer free or paid Internet, even with advertising, using firmware such as HotspotSystem.

7. Create an Internet radio streamer:

Configure your old router to play Internet radio using firmware like OpenWrt either DD-WRT and a USB card to output audio.

8. Turn it into a wireless bridge:

If your new router It only has a wireless connection and you need to connect devices with Ethernet cableyou can use your old router as a wireless bridge to provide Ethernet connectivity over the network Wifi.

9. Create a Network for IoT Devices:

Use your old router to create a separate network specifically for devices on the Internet of Things (IoT), providing an additional layer of security and control.

10. Make it a hub for your smart home:

Use automation tools with firmware such as OpenWrt either DD-WRT to control smart devices in your home, such as relays USB to activate or deactivate connected devices.

eleven. Create your own home cloud or NAS:

Connect an external hard drive to the USB port of your old router and configure it as a NAS to store and access your files from anywhere in your home.

12. Turn it into a web server:

Use your old router as a web server running software like LinuxApache, MySQL and PHPwhich will allow you to host your own website or use it as a test bed for web development.

13. Give Connectivity to a Printer:

Take advantage of the port USB from your old router to connect a printer, allowing devices to connected to the network Wi-Fi can print without additional configuration.

With these options, your old router can still be useful and provide you new features even after it has been replaced.