This is the option that you must activate on your Android mobile to end spam calls

Almost a year has passed since the last modification of the law came into force. General Telecommunications Law that should put an end to unwanted commercial calls or spam, but that has not been the case. Good for the exceptions established by the regulations, 'that there is prior consent to receive this type of commercial communications', or by bad business practicescontinues to happen, as denounced by the OCU on several occasions and can attest to the personal experience of many.

Users have options to try to avoid them. There is the famous Robinson List, but whose effectiveness depends on the will of the companies and whether they want to risk a sanction from the Spanish Data Protection Agency. The Robinson List is an ad exclusion file managed by the Spanish Association of Digital Economy in which any citizen can register and that companies that make advertising communications must consult and respect, something that does not always happen. In my case, the first few years of registering on this list worked, but the spam calls returned to my cell phone a long time ago.

These practices are denounceable, but most of us do not have time for it, much less if technology offers you a much less painless solution. It is the one that has Android through your app Phone.

This is an aspect in which Android is clearly ahead of iOSoperating system that does not have any native options for identify and filter spam calls. There are third-party applications that can perform this task, but it is better if it is already integrated with the operating system.

How to activate antispam protection on an Android mobile

Android users enjoy automatic spam call identification and blocking from 2018with the ninth version of the Android operating system and is currently compatible with any Android mobile from the sixth and use the Google Phone app. If your phone's customization layer uses a different Phone app, it may have its own options against spam calls. If not, you can download Google's from Google Play.

As Google explains on its support page, this function does not obtain phone numbers from the user's contact list but It does send information about your calls to Google to update its spam database.. “If someone who is not in your contact list calls you or you call the user, that phone number is sent to Google to recognize the company's caller ID or determine if the call is spam,” she says.

With anti-spam protection activated, calls you receive of this type will be blocked and will not bother you, but they will be reflected in your call history and identified as spam. To activate it, follow these steps:

Steps to activate the spam call filter on Android.Alfredo Biurrun.
  • Open the app Phone.
  • Tap on the menu three vertical points and select Settings.
  • In section Assistanceclick on Caller ID and spam.
  • Activate options View caller ID and spam and Filter spam calls.