They will reinforce the dunes of Las Salinas de Cabo Rojo with stones in the face of uncontrolled floods

As part of the restoration project of Las Salinas de Red Cape –which started in March–, the base of the dunes of the wetland system, which faces a problem of uncontrolled flooding that threatens its ecological integrity.

Furthermore, biologists from Federal Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS, in English) – in charge of managing the ecosystem – will seek to create platforms that ground-nesting birds can use even with the floods.

“Las Salinas have been deteriorating from the shore, in the dunes (mounds of sand), which is the part of the project that we are going to restore, mainly”he explained Ana Romandeputy director of the USFWS Caribbean National Wildlife Refuges.

“That part was affected by the different storms, by the different atmospheric events that occurred and have continued to occur in the southwestern part of Puerto Rico. “That is a process that began very abruptly from 2008 to now,” she added.