The Civil Guard believes that Koldo tried to connect his nephew to ADIF

The Civil Guard suspects that Koldo García tried to place his nephew in ADIF, one of the organizations that awarded masks to Soluciones de Gestión, the company behind the alleged plot. This is stated in a report from the Central Operational Unit (UCO) of the Civil Guard – incorporated into the judicial summary – in which it points out, based on the analysis of the intercepted conversations, that Joseba García, brother of the former advisor of José Luis Ábalos, requested to Koldo “the exercise of his influence in ADIF, which would generate a direct benefit to his son Aner García.”

It is not the only reference in relation to this matter that the police proceedings include, since another UCO report refers to a conversation between the two brothers, on October 17 of last year, in which Joseba García (also accused in this case) alludes to Michaux Miranda, general director of People Management at ADIF – who was in charge of signing the contract with which the railway infrastructure manager awarded Soluciones de Gestión the acquisition of five million masks. In that conversation, the Civil Guard reports, Koldo “alludes to knowing him” since “he would speak with him to mediate another matter of Joseba's interest unrelated to the ongoing investigation.”

With this information, the UCO agents tried to clarify what happened in the appearances, as witnesses, of both Michaux Miranda and the director of Human Resources of ADIF, Martín José Navarro. He asked them both about Koldo's son, Aner García. And in both cases, the answer was the same. The two senior officials of the Ministry of Transportation claimed not to know Koldo García's nephew at all.

But the agents went further, and asked both Miranda and Navarro if they had ever received pressure for hiring at ADIF, asking them to clarify whether they had access to the competitive examinations.

The Civil Guard directly asked Michaux Miranda if he had ever “provided an exam to work at ADIF to someone directly or on the recommendation of someone”, something the senior official denied. As for Navarro, questioned about whether among his powers as head of Human Resources “he has access to competitive examinations”, he assured that this attribution “is part of another direction.”

Two senior ADIF officials deny it

Miranda said he did not know Joseba García (he said the same thing, for example, in relation to Víctor de Aldama, the alleged “achiever” of the “plot”) and in relation to whether, as general director of People Management, he has access to the opposition exams to access ADIF, said that the Subdirectorate of Organization and Management Management depends on him, “which are the ones that prepare the exams”, both those for public employment offers “and those for internal mobility.” He even specified the identity of the person in charge of that department, Alfonso Martín, subordinate to the director of Planning, Organization and Administration.

Along the same lines, in the appearance before the agents – and asked about “orders or pressures of some kind to facilitate in some way the hiring of a person by ADIF”, the director of Human Resources, Martín José Navarro, replied that He has “never” felt that pressure in the public body dependent on Transport.

Now, the Civil Guard is trying to determine if Aner García is part of the ADIF staff through Emfesa, the company in charge of managing waste in which his father, Joseba García (whom according to investigators Koldo would have used to hide part of his benefits). in suspicious awards), remains employed.

Koldo García was a director of Renfe Mercancías (as well as an advisor to the then Minister Ábalos), while his wife, Patricia Uriz, works as a secretarial assistant at the Ministry of Transport.

Ábalos' former advisor had a direct connection with both Puertos del Estado and ADIF when the first contracts were awarded to the “plot.”