They confirm that Flaco, the famous owl of New York City, died from a traumatic impact

NY — Flaco, the famous owl of the city of NYdied from a traumatic impact, zoologists confirmed a day after it reportedly hit a building, and authorities plan to conduct more tests to determine if the Eurasian eagle owl was sick.

What happened in Flaco's final hours is most important to his fans across the city, who cheered him on as he defied the odds by fending for himself after a life in captivity. Police are still seeking to arrest whoever freed him from his enclosure at the Zoo. Central Park a year ago.

The necropsy revealed that Flaco was in good physical condition and was capable of capturing prey even though he had no experience in hunting because he arrived at the zoo as a chick 13 years ago. According to the necropsy report released Saturday, the owl weighed 4.1 pounds, just 2% less than the last time it was measured at the zoo.