Responsible for hoax calls that imitated Joe Biden says he tried to highlight need for rules for artificial intelligence

N.H. — The political consultant responsible for robocalls with a voice similar to that of the president Joe Biden said on Monday that was trying to sound the alarm about possible misuses of the artificial intelligenceand that his goal was not to influence the outcome of last month's New Hampshire presidential primary.

Days after being publicly identified as the person responsible for the calls, Steve Kramer confirmed in an interview that he paid a New Orleans street magician $150 to create a recorded message that was sent to thousands of voters two days before the Jan. 23 primary. The messages had a voice similar to Biden's, used his phrase “What a load of nonsense” and falsely suggested that voting in the primaries would prevent voters from participating in the November general election.

“Maybe today I am the villain, but I think that at the end of the day we have a better country and a better democracy thanks to what I did deliberately”Kramer declared.