The first photos from the Moon sent by the Odysseus module

Miami – The Odysseus module, which last Thursday reached the Moon and became the first American spacecraft to reach the natural satellite in more than 50 years, has sent its first images from the lunar south pole, according to Intuitive Machines, the company, reported this Monday. device manufacturing company.

Odysseus continues to communicate with mission controllers in Texas and has sent two images from its landing site, in the vicinity of the Malapert A crater, the southernmost point where a vehicle has landed and managed to establish communication.

The module, the first manufactured by a private firm to reach the Moon, has sent two images, one of them taken during the vertical descent and moments before landing on the surface, and the other from the ground, although with low resolution. .

Intuitive Machines revealed this Monday that they expect to be able to maintain contact with the module until Tuesday morning, which is when its solar panels will no longer be exposed to light.