They combine human ingenuity with artificial intelligence to create antibiotics

Can you imagine using the artificial intelligence to speed up scientists' ability to combat infections caused by untreatable bacteria that kill more than a million people a year? Well, know that this scenario is not very far from reality because it is, precisely, the main objective of the biotechnologist's laboratory. Cesar de la Fuentewho was recently in Puerto Rico to talk about his research.

“Technology has become a fundamental ally. In my laboratory, we combine human ingenuity with artificial intelligence. Hand in hand with both machines and human intelligence, we are capable of developing and discovering new types of antibiotics that we hope, in the future, can save lives,” shared the director of From Source Labbased at the University of Pennsylvania.

What six years ago seemed impossible for some sectors of medicine, is currently one of the most innovative and attractive fields of research for biotechnologists of the intellectual caliber of De la Fuente, a native of Spain and who, in 2020, was awarded as the best young researcher by the American Chemical Society.