Sabrina Salerno: “That New Year's Eve damaged me as a woman”

She asks me to call her on her Italian phone via WhatsApp “so that the call doesn't cost you.” And as she answers her cell phone, Sabrina Salerno (Genova, 1968) apologizes for her Spanish, which is more than advanced. A conversation of almost an hour in which the word most pronounced is “family”. Those who only remember her for her performance on New Year's Eve 1987 will find a sincere, traditional, humble and fighting woman. And above all, resilient. 37 years ago, a carelessness while dancing “Boys, boys, boys” on TVE uncovered one of her breasts without her knowledge. On what she considers a deception, she built a long career. Today, after having been seriously injured in “Dance as you can”, the “talent” of the public on Mondays, has decided to move forward. “In life not everything always goes well and when it does you have to see the positive side.”

It was discovered by Silvio Berlusconi. What was it like working with the Italian magnate?

Silvio has been a figure for Europe, an entrepreneur who has given a lot of work. He has been a visionary. He then had a political career in which he has been very loved and much questioned. He is a controversial figure, dividing Italy. For me, he has been a great entrepreneur, with great vision and very intelligent.

“Boys, boys, boys”, the hit that elevated her, sold 25 million copies. She later released ten albums and participated in another dozen films, but a large part of the public continues to remember her for that topic. Today, how do you explain that phenomenon?

“Boys” was a very easy song, with an easy chorus and that is why it has triumphed for several decades. He has had a good star.

They say that his performance on the legendary New Year's Eve of 1987 “changed the history of Spain.” How did you experience it?

I lived it in an unconscious way. I do the performance and everyone tells me that nothing has happened. I ask if anything has been seen and they tell me that nothing has been seen. She was 19 years old and I would have liked to talk to those responsible. They have made the revolution with my body without asking me. It was a matter of respect. For Spanish television it was a historic moment, but I would have liked to know. And today I'm not saying that I'm not happy with that. Sometimes things happen that you don't want and they bring luck. That New Year's Eve didn't hurt my image, it hurt me as a woman.

Today's Sabrina, how would she react to something similar?

I would go and tell those responsible, for me respect is fundamental.

In Italy she has been the pop queen for many years, although she has diversified her career into theater, television and as a businesswoman. Do you consider yourself ambitious?

Sometimes I think so and other times I think no. The priority is my family. I'm not obsessed with my ambition.

Despite his enormous experience, he has defined “Dance as you can” as a “tough contest.” The rehearsals, being away from family, the judges… What is the most difficult thing for you?

The worst thing is being away from family, even more so when, after two days of rehearsals, I broke my anterior cruciate. The doctor told me I couldn't dance, but I found a physical therapist who told me I could try because I have strong muscles. What happens is that I compete at 20 percent.

After that injury, he admits that he is afraid of dancing and is having a hard time not giving up…

With a broken anterior cruciate it is very difficult. The other leg is suffering.

Escassi, Ana Guerra, Fabiola and Colate are some of his colleagues in the Banjay format. Any friends forever?

I am very fond of everyone and time will tell if the friendship lasts or not.

He has been living in Madrid for weeks to record the program. Have you already had a café con leche in the Plaza Mayor or does its fame prevent you from being a tourist?

I've tried to be a tourist. With my son Luca and my husband I have been to the Prado Museum and the Royal Palace. I would have liked to do more sightseeing, but we only stop on Sundays and I can't get up because I'm tired. Madrid is a magnificent city.

He assures that his great success is his private life. How do you manage to maintain family stability in the midst of its whirlwind?

Appearance is very deceiving. I am a woman with her feet on the ground. I have an incredible love for my son, whom I have longed for. My family is the most important thing, my priority, my true success. It was hard for me to grow up with an absent father. That's why sometimes I'm afraid that something will happen to us. I also believe that when you have a clean heart everything can be fixed.

Why don't you like the word feminist?

I am a feminist woman in my head, because I have never felt inferior to a man. We are in a deeply patriarchal society and I feel on the same level as men.

What has the entertainment world lost since Rafaella Carrá, with whom you also worked, left?

Rafaella is in everyone's hearts. She is very loved and I feel like she is with me. She in my head she is alive. She was very empathetic with the public. She had charisma and was magical.