The mask, a home remedy against allergies.

This spring will be milder than expected for people diagnosed with allergies and the entire population at risk. Allergists assure that pollen will remain active until the end of April, at least; and, furthermore, the symptoms will be more acute. High temperatures in winter, irregular rainfall, pollution and climate change are multiplying allergic effects. Vegetation should be avoided, stay outdoors at certain hours, and symptoms should be prevented with antihistamines. In addition, we have a home remedy for moments of high pollination: the mask.

Constant physical exercise makes us long-lived.

Regardless of the fact that physical activity is beneficial at any age, maintaining the habit of exercising in the gym or with strength techniques over time is essential after the age of 50. Recent research has confirmed that a physical routine is key to the desired longevity; and, in fact, practicing sports or vigorous physical activity in childhood, adolescence or adulthood does not guarantee healthy longevity at all. The key is consistency in activation, precisely when our brain needs to increase the so-called synaptic resilience against the danger of neuropathological lesions.

Pineapple, the most complete fruit.

Few fruits have as many added benefits as pineapple. In addition to being rich in vitamins C, B1, B9 and E, it stands out for providing bromelain, a “rare” enzyme that promotes the functioning of the intestine. It contains potassium, iodine, magnesium, fiber, and plenty of fluid. It is perfect for diets, strengthens the immune system and contributes to the formation of white and red blood cells. It has anti-inflammatory properties, and given its vitamin C content, it is recommended for colds and sinusitis with high mucus.