These are the 14 free video games that Netflix will receive between June and July

Netflix has confirmed the incorporation of 14 new video games to your catalog. The releaseswhich will occur between the months of June and July, are part of the company's strategy to expand and diversify its inventory with a generous range of options. The first of the premieres will be available this week, which will be followed by others six throws that will take place throughout the month of June and July. However, not all titles have revealed their release dates on the streaming platform.

New games

Among the launches, productions focused on series from the platform itself stand out. In this context it stands out 'The Dragon Prince: Xadia', a cooperative action role-playing game based on heroes from the animated series 'Wonderstorm'. In 'Netflix Stories: Emily in Paris'The experience will place players in the universe of the famous series, allowing them to experience life in the “City of Light”. Reality TV lovers will also be able to find juicy options, such as 'Too Hot to Handle 3', which will be available on July 23, and 'Netflix Stories: Perfect Match', whose premiere is scheduled for June 6. The latter offers an experience based on the new season of the series. Here players take on the role of a relationship podcaster.

Netflix Stories – Perfect MatchNetflix

The premiere of 'Netflix Stories: Selling Sunset'. In this game, you are the new agent at the most ostentatious luxury agency in Los Angeles and you must make sales in Bel Air to rise to the top and achieve a listing worth $100 million. The list also includes mobile exclusives like 'Tales of the Shire: A The Lord of the Rings Game', which will allow players to live like a Hobbit, exploring and customizing their environment. 'Arranger: A Role-Puzzling Adventure', is another title to take into account. A role-playing game that combines puzzle elements with an engaging narrative.

Puzzle and action

For puzzle enthusiasts, 'The Case of the Golden Idol', which will be released on June 11, promises to challenge the detective skills of players, who will have to solve various mysteries in an 18th century setting. 'Harmonium: The Musical' meanwhile, combines interactive sign language into a musical and visual wonderland. 'hearts', out June 18, is a simplified version of the classic card game that offers smart features to perfect your strategy.


Action and adventure games are also part of the package. 'Rothwood' and 'lab rat', developed by Klei Entertainment, will be available exclusively to subscribers. The former challenges players to fight corrupted creatures in a chaotic world, while 'Lab Rat' offers a hand-crafted narrative puzzle masquerading as a machine-generated video game. This satirical adventure stars a metrics-obsessed AI that will monitor, profile, and guide you as you solve over a hundred space problems. Additionally, the platform will receive 'Don't Starve Together', a multiplayer expansion to the popular survival game 'Don't Starve'. You can cooperate or compete to survive in a world full of strange creatures and hidden dangers.

Release dates

Netflix Stories: Perfect Match (June 6). 'The Case of the Golden Idol' (June 11). 'Hearts' (June 18). 'Cozy Grove: Camp Spirit' (June 25). 'Too Hot to Handle 3' (July 23). 'The Dragon Prince: Xadia' (July 30). 'Arranger: A Role-Puzzling Adventure' (summer 2024). 'Don't Starve Together' (summer 2024). 'Harmonium: The Musical' (summer 2024). 'Lab Rat' (summer 2024). 'Netflix Stories: Emily in Paris' (summer 2024). 'Netflix Stories: Selling Sunset' (summer 2024). 'Rotwood' (summer 2024). 'Tales of the Shire: A The Lord of The Rings Game' (summer 2024).

These upcoming titles will join the games that users can access within the Netflix app on iOS and Android devices, without ads or purchases. The streaming company has been investing in its games division for some time, and in addition to the releases of movies, series, etc., the platform has also been constantly adding new titles to its catalog.