Thermonator, the robot dog armed with a flamethrower that you can buy for less than 9,000 euros

The company throwflame has put the unusual technological device it announced last summer on sale. It's about a robot dog equipped with a powerful flamethrower that has a range of almost ten meters.

Is called Thermonator and its price is $9,420, 8,779 euros to the current change. In the case of wanting to buy from Spain, where the company makes shipments, it means an overcharge of slightly more than 2,000 euros.

Thermonator is a quadruped robot with a ARC flamethrower mounted on his back that he can use as fuel gasoline or napalm. The robot has a battery that gives it autonomy for one hour and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity for remote control through a smartphone.


The robot uses built-in cameras to provide the user with first-person navigation. He receives the broadcast on his smartphone which is used coupled to a dedicated Thermonator controller. Also includes a sensor lidar which is a low-power, eye-safe laser technology that measures reflected light by short pulses to create 3D maps of an environment quickly and accurately, allowing the robot to avoid obstacles while it moves. The control range is 106 meters.

Thermonator with the ARC flamethrower in action.
Thermonator with the ARC flamethrower in action.Throwflame.

The product appears to integrate a version of the quadruped robot Unitree Go2 that is sold alone $1,600 in its basic configuration. The flamethrower connects to the robot dog via Picatinny rails such as those used in firearms to hold sights, lasers, bipods and other accessories. The flame is aimed by a laser mounted on the flamethrower unit that can spit fire for an hour straight.

And what is a robot of this type for? According to the company, for tasks like “prevention and control of forest fires“, “agricultural management”, “ecological conservation”, “snow and ice removal” and “entertainment and sound effects”.

Except in the states of Maryland and Californiain the USA you can buy a flamethrower without restrictions, since federal agencies do not give it the same consideration as firearms. The danger of a device of this type and with that power is evident. If the embers of a campfire in the field can start a devastating fire, using Thermonator without the necessary safety conditions can easily lead to unpleasantness.