The brutal training of Messi's bodyguard, a former combatant in Iraq and Afghanistan

The signing of Lionel Messi, considered by many to be the best soccer player in the world today, for Inter Miami, has been a phenomenon in the United States and there is no fan who does not look for a way to get closer to his idol to get a photo or an autograph. And David Beckham himself, aware of the dimension of “messimanía”, has decided to shield the star from him. And that's where he comes in. the figure of his personal bodyguard, Yassine, a martial arts expert who follows '10' everywhere… including the playing field.

The best defender in Major League Soccer is not one of the players, he is Lionel Messi's bodyguard. Strong, shaved and bearded, The man hired by the team prevents Messi's fans from touching him or reaching him when they invade the field, and he is even seen very attentive during entrances to the stadium, goal celebrations or post-match talks with opponents. Nobody makes a more personal mark on Lionel Messi than his own bodyguard. The interest in protecting the Argentine star is such that he has been authorized to enter the field of play together with the Argentine, move along the side lines and activate himself in case someone, other than the 22 players on the field, wants to get closer. to the footballer.

In fact, when a fan ran onto the field during a League Cup match to take a selfie with Messi, the personal bodyguard intervened before stadium security arrived.



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With a clean punch

But to protect a star of Messi's caliber you have to be very fit and The “bearded giant” leaves it all in the gym.

In the last few hours, Messi's bodyguard has caused a huge social revolution by publishing what his training routine is like in the gym and uploading a series of videos in which he practices some kick boxing punches with his personal trainer. He also shocked with images of his fights.

“Since I arrived in Miami, I have been training with Luan Chileno, who excels in combat sports. His experience and dedication have greatly improved my martial arts skills and techniques. His passion for combat sports is contagious, making every training session challenging and exhilarating,” Cheuko wrote on his Instagram account.

The burly bodyguard has – according to data provided by the North American media – a past in the Navy SEALS, armed forces of the United States – he was stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan – and is an expert in mixed martial arts.

Your image He has been the star on social networks for months where some already define Yassine as “a version of Rodrigo de Paul”, who earned the rightful fame as Rosario's bodyguard due to his efforts to protect the Albiceleste captain during the World Cup. And it is truly incredible to see him run alongside the '10' along the entire touchline, as if he were a line judge, waiting for him when the team bus arrives or facing the stands if necessary.

An unprecedented device

No It is the first time that Inter Miami deploys an unprecedented security device around “La Pulga”. For its presentation, FTS Miami, a private security company directed by Matías Zacconi, was in charge of carrying out an unprecedented operation.

“There are details that I cannot reveal because there is a confidentiality contract,” he anticipated. And he also alleged that each operation has its particularities: “A regular MLS match is not the same as a match in which you have Lionel Messi.”

“It all starts with the transfer of Messi and his family from the house to the stadium,” he explained in the Argentine media. The nation. The transfer was carried out in a van Cadillac Escaladethe same one that the president of the United States (Joe Bien) uses when he is not traveling in a limousine, as he has special agility to avoid certain places. Florida Highway Patrol, which is the state police, acted as an escort.

Without a doubt, armor tailored to a superstar.