The “straw trick”: how to resurrect your smartphone that doesn't charge

Apart from planned obsolescence or accidental falls, another of the main causes of deterioration from our smartphones it is usually the accumulation of dirt and dust.

Just by stopping to think for a moment we can realize the “sobe” that we give to smartphones, that tool that we do not part with at all times: spends all day between pockets and handwhere can accumulate a large amount of dust which, when mixed with grease and other dirt, is compressed and can become clogging speakers and charging ports.

For increase useful life of mobile devices, it is essential clean them from time to time. For avoid having to spend money going to a professional who dismantles the phone to remove some scuffs and charges us for the service, there is a better solution. It's easy, simple and practically free: the “straw trick”.

Last month, the technological content disseminator SmartFox shared a short video through his YouTube channel where he indicated the simple steps to build the “straw trick” device to help us remove the dirt accumulated on the phone. Pay attention and take note:

Construction instructions

You will need to take ua straw and a plastic bottle that you have at home. Cut the bottle and make a hole in the cap to pass the straw through (you can help by heating a punch with a lighter). After, seal the hole well so that air does not pass through.

In this way, we obtain a small device to place at the end of the vacuum cleaner tube, creating a much stronger absorption force through the straw. It is important to pass the straw well through the charging port, speakers and other areas where dust and grime can easily accumulate.

“The straw trick”, an invention to clean dirt from your cell phoneSmarFox on YouTube

Advantages of cleaning your smartphone

By removing from time to time (the invention is reusable) the dirt from the ports and holes of our mobile phone, we prevent them from cloggingand the charging or speakers stop working.

In addition, it can help unclog the port so that the smartphone recovers the sound volume, can connect to the power again, and even avoid to a greater extent accidents related to electrical failures that they can cause fire or damage on the device.