Sánchez emulates Ayuso in the middle of the electoral battle

At the threshold of the electoral event in Catalonia, the Government is once again focusing on housing. The demand for the end of the Golden Visa has given way to the commitment to streamline new construction processes and industrialized construction. The Executive of Isabel Díaz Ayuso already approved in February the possibility of changing the use of buildings or plots intended for offices to make them housing, among other measures. The Madrid City Council, for its part, authorized the construction of wooden floors, a faster, cheaper and more sustainable option that allows for faster delivery.

A year after promising thousands more public homes in the regional and municipal campaign, the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has brought together the banks, developers and unions in Moncloa after stating that “housing is a right constitutional and not a mere speculative business. He thus advanced it on Monday after announcing the elimination of the golden visa. He wanted, however, show their “commitment” to the real estate sector, as explained by Minister Isabel Rodríguez, who urged small owners to put their apartments on the market and did not mention the problem of squatting.

The Madrid president has not missed the opportunity this week to criticize the measures of the coalition Executive. “Pedro Sánchez has been in the Government for six years and he has launched zero homes,” she said. “As long as there is no housing, prices will not drop, and intervening and implementing liberticidal laws like Sánchez's will do nothing other than raise prices as is happening wherever it is being applied.”

Ayuso's statements were preceded by those expressed by the Minister of Housing about the stressed rental areas and the possibility of the Government intervening in them without authorization from the Communities, as established by the Law.

«When a tense area is declared, the Government can intervene in a differentiated manner with other areas. If they do not do it, I will intervene in a differentiated manner with the areas that comply with the law, not with others,” he said in Ser, later clarifying that “in order to do so, we first need the disposition of the Community of Madrid.” as this newspaper reported.

Rodríguez made a “call” to Ayuso to “exercise her competence and assume the laws” and the Madrid president brought out her artillery against the Executive's action. “All the ideas are against housing, against property or against the company” and the one referring to the Golden Visa “directly attacks investments in key areas of Spain when the housing problem is everywhere, especially in governments of the Popular Party, like Andalusia or the Community of Madrid.

This week Moncloa has influenced its decision to eliminate the golden visa for foreigners not resident in the European Union who invest more than 500,000 euros in housing. “It is a populist advertisement that comes in the middle of a campaign where the two left-wing parties in the Government are seeing who is more left-wing,” Ayuso said.

The week in which the PSOE decides to call her to appear in Congress, the Madrid leader grows increasingly tired of Sánchez, comparing her management with that of the Community of Madrid in a “rehearsal” smaller than what is expected in the Lower House . “It will certainly be wonderful to be able to give an example of efficient management and not fraudulent purchases,” has advanced.

In the case of housing, the Madrid Government's plan plans to boost the sector during the 24th and 25th years, increase supply, buildable land and make urban planning more flexible. In addition, the promotion of affordable rental housing will be encouraged by facilitating cooperatives' access to loans with public protection, guaranteed by the Community. The measures are accompanied by other specific legislation such as the possibility of changing the use of office buildings for housing.

In Sol they have already put in the effort to gain muscle in management in Housing and in the rest of the areas, but not only. The Ayuso Government has taken the lead to act as a speaker for the principles it defends and act as a shield for the president in the cataract of criticism and actions of the Government that it incessantly clears up.

The popular leader will appear at the commission on public procurement during the pandemic, a springboard to discredit the Sánchez Government. “It will be a pleasure. “I can go first if you want”, he said quietly, aware that his presence is intended to be used to give a twist to the Koldo case. “The President of the Government is obsessed with me, he must dream very frequently about my life,” she said ironically.