Grounded will receive a new version with a number of premiere functions and features

Microsoft's video game division has confirmed that the next update of 'Grounded' will arrive in April and will add to the title a series of new functions and features. The release of the editionFully Yoked 1.4” also marks the latest content update expected to hit the format, as revealed by the same studies. In any case, one of the main new features of the patch is the incorporation of the “Queen Ants”. Now each of the three colonies in 'Grounded' will be ruled by a Queen and players will have to decide whether to ally themselves or betray their majesties, as these decisions will directly affect the course of the game.

New Game+

Additionally, the 'Fully Yoked Edition' will bring the mode New Game+, a new way of experiencing the universe that the gaming experience proposes. Each game will transform the backyard by introducing a many system improvements, but accessing this mode will not be a walk in the garden, as you will have to conquer Broodmother, Mantis, Wasp Queen and win in the Javamatic fight. After defeating these bosses, you can choose to jump to an alternate dimension. These new dimensions promise greater challenges, with more powerful creatures and bosses.

GroundedObsidian Entertainment

It also promises to enrich its mechanics with the creature introduction that offer a greater level of challenge, since they have been equipped with skills that will test you to the maximum. Beating them will guarantee special trinkets that come with random properties that will allow you to improve your characters. The arrival of new sinister badges and trinkets of BURG.L chips, which will have random properties. Additionally, the new Yoking Station will allow you to upgrade weapons with exclusive items, which will require collecting special materials in these new worlds.


The update also promises apply gameplay improvements and expand the social interaction options in the game and it will be possible to load saved games during multiplayer sessions without interrupting other players. Version 1.4 will include its own achievements, a new mutation, buildings related to the “Queen Ants”, pets and more. There will also be support for cross-play that will allow Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and PC players to share games.

20 million players in the backyard

'Grounded' is a survival adventure title in which players are shrunk in the backyard of a suburban environment. They will have to explore, build and survive while facing the dangers and risks that come with being the size of an insect. The format has recently managed to overcome the 20 million player mark worldwide, but update 1.4 “Fully Yoked” will not be available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch until April 16, 2024.