It's time to worship tuna

Let spring not catch us off guard, because with the arrival of good weather comes the ideal time to enjoy tuna in its pure essence. In Ponzano 59, where Madrid life has a unique essence, the bustle merges with the aroma of the sea at the DeAtún restaurant, to worship this species that is now beginning its best season.

As the restaurant specializes in red tuna from Almadraba, they are ready to pay tribute to this blue fish with their traditional “ronqueos”.

For those who do not know this term, it is the cutting of tuna, which etymologically comes from the sound of the knife rubbing against the back of wild tuna. Traditionally, snoring begins in April and lasts until June, as these are dates when the tuna has the best flavor when moving from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea. When crossing the Strait of Gibraltar, the fishermen start the Almadraba (traditional way of fishing for tuna on the coast of Cádiz), to then squeeze the most out of their meat. Popularly, this animal is known as the “sea pig”, precisely because of the great use made of it. This custom began 3,000 years ago with the Phoenicians and today chef Damián Ríos and his team work with great care in the heart of Chamberí, becoming the first restaurant to implement this traditional technique in the capital.

In addition to its star piece, on its menu we will find Huelva prawns and other delicacies such as sashimi decargamento or morrillo, the most precious part and reserved for the most demanding palates. Set in a space where elegance does not go unnoticed, the team's good wine suggestions elevate the experience that we will surely seek to repeat.