The secret of the New Bernabéu that will turn it into hell for rivals

The Santiago Bernabéu is currently experiencing great progress in works that in a few months will turn it into the most avant-garde sports venue in the world. In a few months, the white coliseum will become a multifunctional venue that can host a soccer game and, in a matter of hours, an NBA, hockey, tennis game or a promotional event. Open 365 days a year and 24 hours a day. Its spectacular retractable roof that gives it that differentiating character, its 360 scoreboard, the hypogeum that hides its grass, the new folding stands or the so-called “Tunnel Club” make the difference in turning the merengue home into the most spectacular in world football.

But the roof of the Bernabéu will not only allow it to swell its coffers with all types of events regardless of the weather conditions, but it is also a powerful weapon against its rivals, as was already seen in the derby. When it is closed, the white coliseum is a real cauldron and it will be even more so with the new installation that is being carried out these days.

As announced by the New Bernabéu stadium construction monitoring website, these days the installation of acoustic membranes on the roof of the new Bernabéu is being carried out through vertical work. They are designed to reduce noise pollution to the outside and exponentially improve the interior acoustics at events in addition to waterproofing the roof.

Florentino Pérez wants the Bernabéu to have a greater feeling of 'cauldron', with the aim of the atmosphere carrying the team and complicating the game and the concentration of their rivals.

The new retractable cover will be able to close and open in an operation that will be fully automatic and will take approximately 15 minutes for guidance and 20 minutes for full inflation. 1591384804389400576|||images/play_twitter.jpg

The opening process occurs in the opposite direction to the closing process. First the membrane cells will be deflated. The intermediate louvers will be unlocked and the horizontal stabilization system will be separated. The beams will then be guided into the folded position under the main deck overhangs.


In order to operate the retractable cover, the first thing to consider is the environmental conditions. In this sense, there are a series of limitations to take into account and which include excess wind at height, precipitation in the form of snow or when the temperature exceeds 40 degrees or drops below 0. In these conditions, the retractable cover cannot be open or close, that is, if the cover is open and the wind is very high, the temperature is high or there is a forecast of snow, it will not operate for safety reasons. The control of all these parameters will be carried out from a control room arranged for the activation and supervision of the retractable cover, operated by experts, and who, under total security, will supervise the impressive retractable cover. The retractable cover will be full of weather sensors (4 optical rain sensors, anemometers, snow sensors, thermometers…).

A technological gem that turns the Bernabéu into hell for rival teams.