Felipe VI and Princess Leonor: continuity and normality in the Monarchy

On October 31, during Princess Leonor's oath of the Constitution on the occasion of her 18th birthday, King Felipe VI dedicated a few words to his first-born daughter and reminded her that lThe Crown symbolizes the unity and permanence of Spain. In those words, the Head of State evoked the content of article 56 of the Magna Carta, which establishes that “the King is the Head of the State, a symbol of its unity and permanence, he arbitrates and moderates the regular functioning of the institutions.” . Not in vain, in his speeches Don Felipe has asked on numerous occasions to the institutions that work for the unity of all Spaniards. He did so, in fact, also during the solemn opening of the Cortes Generales of the XV Legislature last November.

The visit to the Catalan capital, the third in a month, coincides with the decision of the Royal House to disseminate eleven images of the King's surprise visit to the General Military Academy (AGM) of Zaragoza to follow the maneuvers and combat exercises that Princess Leonor developed together with the cadets of her course at the San Gregorio training field. In the images, the Monarch is seen, in the fatigues of a captain general of the Army and a blue beret, at different times of the tactical exercise and with his daughter, whom he greets and with whom he talks smiling while supporting him. hand on his shoulder. An image that symbolizes the present and future of the armed forces, since when she is Queen, Princess Leonor will be Captain General of the Armed Forces. In fact, the visit to the San Gregorio field would be explained because the Monarch is the supreme command of the Armed Forces and captain general of the three armies. Since he began his military training, yesterday was the fourth time in which Zarzuela has distributed images of the Princess of Asturias during her first and second training course in the Army. The first time was as soon as he entered the General Military Academy of Zaragoza; the second, when one month of training was completed; and in December, we had images of his high mountain training.

There is no doubt that Don Felipe closely follows Leonor's progress in her military training, but also with the messages he dedicates to her in his speeches, in which article 56 of the Constitution inspires his speeches.

Thus, for example, on October 7, during the solemn act of swearing in the flag of Princess Leonor together with her companions, Felipe VI told her “you have taken the oath before the flag that you have kissed, a symbol that unites you to all; that unites all of us Spaniards. “It represents the legacy of a Nation built with the effort of generations and generations.” In a growing climate of tension, she gives the impression that the Monarch feels the need to highlight this path towards unity at a critical moment due to the concessions to the independentists. Again, The unity of the Spanish people was one of the ideas around which he built the speech he gave at the Princess of Asturias Awards ceremony.. Before an audience of more than a thousand people and under the attentive gaze of the Heiress, the Monarch pointed out that “our problems are many, and the solutions will come, as has always happened and the history of Spain demonstrates, of unity, never of division”. Again, the Monarch placed special emphasis on unity in what is considered his most personal speech. He also took advantage of that scenario to verbalize the pride that as a father he feels when checking the progress of his first-born daughter's academic and military preparation. «As he takes these steps, the Queen and I, as Kings and as parents, he makes us deeply proud of his sense of duty, his dedication and the enthusiasm with which he faces her future. ». In this sense, these displays of pride in public are increasingly common.

Without going any further, in the images that were made public yesterday from the training field, Don Felipe shows his human and relaxed side. We see it especially in the images that show the Head of State in the dining room with Princess Leonor and her colleagues from the Zaragoza Military Academy. Both share complicit moments typical of the relationship between a father and his daughter. Sitting next to each other, they can't stop talking, looking at each other with pride and smiling at this reunion. Both the images from yesterday and the messages in his speeches reflect the King's tutelage in the formation of the future Queen. Leonor is receiving training very similar to what the current Head of State received in her day. Therefore, It is likely that Don Felipe feels very reflected in Leonor and the continuity of the Monarchy that she represents.