The Odysseus module successfully concludes its lunar mission and will be “awakened” in a few weeks

The Odysseus module, which has about six hours of autonomous life left on its sixth day of mission on the surface molewill be disconnected shortly with the aim of trying to “wake it up” in the next two or three weeksIntuitive Machines, the private company that manufactured the ship, reported this Wednesday at a press conference.

“We are going to put 'Odie' to sleep and hope to wake him up in about two or three weeks for various tests”, announced at the conference the co-founder of Intuitive Machines, Steve Altemus, who described the “pioneer mission” of the Odysseus module as a “wild success”, despite the mishap that occurred during its landing on the moon last Thursday.

Altemus, scientists from his company and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA, for its acronym in English). expressed today at a press conference from the Johnson Space Center, in Houston, their excitement for the achievements achieved in this mission with the first American spacecraft to land on the lunar surface in more than 50 years. years, since Apollo 17 in 1972.