The largest seed bank in the world invests in the future of the planet

Haywards Heath, United Kingdom — From the coconut de mer, the largest seed in the world weighing up to 20 kilos, to the tiny orchid, Kew Botanical Gardens preserve more than 2.4 billion seeds crucial for the health of the planet in a fort in southern England..

Founded in 2000 on the Wakehurst estate in Haywards Heath, the Millennium Seed Bank (MSB) is the world's largest plant conservation programme.with 95,576 collections from 190 countries and 40,020 species, many of them from Latin America.

This treasure of the biosphere It is stored in an impressive underground bunker that is proof against natural disasters. and radiation, which contains drying, processing and refrigeration chambers, as well as laboratories where scientists from the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew displaced from their headquarters in London.

A valuable archive of plant life

“All life depends on plants, and currently two out of five are in danger of extinction, mostly due to human causes. There is a real need and a moral obligation to do everything possible to protect them”declared the bank's head of research, Elinor Breman.