(Agbar) World Water Day 2024

To deal with this situation, Aigües of Barcelona has successfully launched this water reuse solution: every second 1,500 liters of regenerated water are sent to the river from the ecofactory of the Baix Llobregat to Molins de Rei where this water is collected in a drinking water treatment plant in Sant Joan Despí, to make it drinkable and send it to the distribution network and thus continue the water cycle.

This regenerated water is also used to maintain the flow of the riverfor agricultural uses and to urban usesas the cleaning streets or watering green areas. Additionally, it is also injected into wells of the area to act as a barrier against saline intrusion and improve the quality of the aquifer's water. In a future It is expected that it can also be used for industrial uses in the Free Zone and the Pratense industrial estate, as well as for urban and domestic uses in the Marina del Prat Vermell estate.

The group also plans to replicate this model in the Besòs basin with the help of European funds Next Generation. This solution would guarantee the water resilience of 5 million people in the Barcelona metropolitan region.