The AEMET indicates when and where snow is expected

The Easter will be accompanied by “an important change of time” due to the arrival of atlantic storms which will lead to widespread rainfall, snowfall in some areas and a notable thermal drop.

Rubén del Campo, spokesperson for the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet)explains that on Monday a storm is expected to approach the peninsula that will cause a significant change in weather with temperatures that will drop

“notably” in practically all of Spain, except in the Cantabrian Sea, where they will rise, and with rain in almost the entire country.

That day snow level will drop to 600-1,000 meters in the northwest and about 1,000 meters in the rest of the northern half and points in the center.

He Tuesday time will continue “scrambled” with rain in almost any part of the country, although with less probability in the southeast of the peninsula, while The most abundant will occur in the Pyrenees and Andalusian mountains.

Heavy snowfall is expected in the mountains of the north and center of the peninsula. At this point, del Campo emphasizes that “it could snow in lower areas, especially on the northern plateau”.

Temperatures will drop again with daylight below 15 degrees and even 10 degrees in large inland areas, however on the Mediterranean coast it will exceed 20 or 22 degrees.

He Wednesday It will dawn with some frosts in mountain areas and in parts of the plateau and central moors, although this day there will already be a clear recovery of the daytime ones, with a rise in snow levelalready restricted to mountains.

The rains will appear in large areas, most abundant in Galicia and northwestand less likely in the southeast.

The uncertainty as of Thursday is greater, but it is most likely that the pace of fronts associated with Atlantic stormswith the probability of rain in large areas, especially in the west and central area, and less likely in the Mediterranean regions.