the future of collaboration comes thanks to Telefónica and Matsuko

The way in which millions of people around the world work changed drastically with the outbreak of the coronavirus crisis, since although presence at the workplace was the norm in many countries, teleworking was introduced with force. Given this scenario, Companies had no choice but to adapt to this new model and implement new tools to maintain productivity and communication between your teams

Video call meetings became part of this new paradigm. However, Telefónica and Matsuko have taken another step to bring meetings and the future to this year's Mobile World Congress (MWC).. Both companies have managed to allow anyone to have a real presence during 3D meetings, that is, users will be able to generate your own holograms using only the cameras of their mobile phones. In addition, they will also be able to transmit high-resolution 3D objects and scenes using 5G and edge technology.

“With our 5G and Edge technologies we are enabling a new level of connectivity and performance in holographic meetings, which will transform the way participants communicate and collaborate with each other“says the head of Telefónica's Service Platforms & Voice Core Network, David Moro.

This technology will use the Nvidia Maxine AI developer platform with the aim of create eye contact and realistic facial expressions that “reinforce the feeling of presence and immersion”, as explained by the telecommunications company. He also adds that users will be able to interact with the rest of their colleagues, as well as with their 3D projects holographically as if they were in the same physical space, “without delays, misunderstandings or 2D limitations.”

“It makes me It is a great satisfaction to see how users are amazed by the sensation of presence, eye contact and the entire spectrum of emotions they discover with holographic presence,” explains Matsuko CEO Maria Vircikova.