latest rain and temperature forecast

The S countdownHoly emanates has started. This 2024 arrives early on the calendar compared to other years, since it will run from March 24, Palm Sunday, until April 1.

With just over ten days until the holiday period arrives, the Meteored experts have made a first weather forecast for these dates. And although uncertainty is still high, They do not rule out rains in a few regions.

For the “big days” of Holy Weekthe European Center for Medium-Term Prediction, Meteored's reference model, estimates that the most likely scenario is that a anticyclonic blocking in high latitudes, in the Greenland-Scandinavia environment, explains expert Samuel Biener.

Today's forecasts show that Temperatures could be close to the average for these dates in the western half of the Peninsula. For now, no significant anomalies are seen in a good part of the Cantabrian slope, the plateaus or in the Aragonese Pyrenees.

Although “some scenarios do not rule out that they could be slightly colder than usual for these dates in the west“says Biener. Meanwhile, the opposite situation would occur in the Mediterranean coastwith temperatures that would be between one and three degrees above average from the end of March.

As for the precipitations, if current trends continue Easter is expected to be “rainier than normal” in much of the northern and western half, especially in Galicia and the western Cantabrian Sea.

The weather portal does not rule out that troughs or DANAs may occur from Palm Sunday. “Today it is impossible to specify where these declines would occur and we are talking about very small margins,” says Biener, “but it does seem that instability and the variable environment are going to accompany us.”

The expert points out that instability in the variable environment will be “more likely on the Atlantic slope”although “model updates will have to be followed in the coming days.”