The first building designed by Google has a serious problem with Wifi

In May 2022, Google opened a new campus with three buildings at its Mountain View headquarters. Bay View it is the first one designed and built by Google, a process that took five years and with which the company created what it considers the perfect office for your employees. So much so that there it is where engineers dedicated to the Generative AI at Google, in addition to the advertising teams.

On paper, Bay View has it all. As the company explained, it is an example of 'regenerative construction' that follows 'biophilic design principles', fully electric, with a ventilation system that only uses outside air, clerestory windows, capable of evolving and many more things. So many that they published a 229-page book to count them. But, surprisingly, What it lacks is good Wifi. And the reason is a design flaw.

According to Reuters, after speaking with six people familiar with the matter on condition of anonymity, the workers have problems with a Wifi that they cannot use or, at best, make it intermittently. So many, that the managers They recommended that employees go to work outside or in the adjacent cafe where Wifi works best.

Inside Bay View.Google.

Others use their phones to create a wireless zone next to their computer or resort to wireless connections Ethernet cablebut these do not get along with the distribution of their collaborative work spaces that are full of armchairs.

'You would think that the world's leading internet company would have solved this,' one of its sources told the outlet. The company, for its part, has acknowledged having 'experienced Wi-Fi connectivity issues in Bay View' and that it 'made several improvements to address the issue.' Google waits fix connectivity issues in the coming weeks.

Bay View.
Bay View.Google.

And what is the reason why Wifi works so poorly in the brand new futuristic building of one of the world's leading technology companies? According to the workers, ceiling of more than 180,000 square meters that the structure covers. Its waves form with undulations,'absorbs bandwidth like the Bermuda Triangle'.