The rains return and the temperatures drop from this day

After a weekend of stable time and of abnormal temperatures In almost all of Spain, the week starts warmer in some areas but with some changes and rain.

This Monday, March 18, the temperatures above 20ºC many areas will be maintained and high values ​​will generally be reached for the dates, since They will exceed 30 degrees in southeastern pre-coastal areasaccording to the prediction of the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet).

Generally, on this day, High pressures will predominate in almost the entire country. However, a Atlantic front will affect the north of the peninsula and leave rain in Galicia, Cantabrian Communities and the Pyrenees without ruling out that these rainfalls could spread to nearby areas.

Lugo and Asturias are at yellow risk due to rainfall that can accumulate up to 15 liters in one hour. Furthermore, these rains will be accompanied by storm, which will also put both places at risk. The alerts will begin around 2:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m.

It will be a hot day for the season. Temperatures will rise in the southeast of the peninsula, west of Galicia, the northern plateau and the Balearic Islands, with generally high values ​​for the dates, although they will drop in the Cantabrian Sea and Valencia, and also markedly in the Canary Islands.

The maximums will reach 30 degrees in the Valencian Community, Region of Murcia, eastern Andalusia and up to 32 degrees in points in the southeast. In the Canary Islands, however, temperatures will begin to normalize with the return of the trade winds to the archipelago.

He Tuesday A change in trend is expected on March 19. The Aemet expects a almost general drop in valuesexcept on the Mediterranean coast, where the very warm environment will persist.

From Wednesday,the presence of low pressures will lead to widespread rainsalthough it is still difficult to determine the areas where they will be most abundant.

With the forecasts currently available, The largest accumulated will occur in Galicia, Cantabrian communities and the Pyreneeswith snowfall in mountain areas, without also ruling out that it could rain in areas of the Mediterranean, especially in the northeast.

Temperatures will drop sharply, rising again over the weekend.