The Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Road content and update 42 launches on consoles

Important news for players of ‘The Elder Scrolls Online‘, since it is possible to access ‘Gold Road‘ on Xbox and PlayStation. The new chapter of the videogame from ZeniMax Online Studios and Bethesda Softworks includes a main mission of More than 30 hours of contentthe new “Western Forest” zone, the long-awaited scribe system, and a story starring a new Daedric princess. For the first time, the princess will walk the roads of Tamriel. “Ithelia, forgotten even by her most devoted followers, has returned. Why now? And what do her followers plan for the Western Forest? Embark on a quest to preserve reality before the threads of fate unravel in Ithelia’s wake,” explains Bethesda.

Writing system

The Notary is a completely new system that comes with ‘Gold Road’, and allows players to create and customize their skills using unique scripts to perfectly fit their archetype and playstyle. The new system is accompanied by a quest line in which you will have to restore an ancient place, the Scholastic, while investigating the mysteries of Tamriel’s magic. For all those looking for greater power, more versatility or options for role-playing, the Scribe promises a fantastic solution to tailor the ‘TESO’ experience to your needs.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Road ZeniMax Online Studios / Bethesda Softworks

New features also include a new area to explore: The “Western Forest”, located on the southwestern border of Cyrodiil, next to the “Valen Forest” and the “Gold Coast”. This is a prosperous imperial province that has not been explored since the time of ‘The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion’. The region contains the Aurora Forest and the city of Skingrad, places full of secondary quests, world bosses, caves, public dungeons and more.

New rewards and improvements

The chapter also comes loaded with achievements, items and collectibles Unique items, including 10 item sets, three unique Mythic items, shards for the new Tribute Tales Benefactor’s deck, and a new type of collectible, Skill Styles. Also included is a 12-player trial, the Lucent Citadel. Completing achievements will earn you a range of collectibles, including Style Pages for King Nantharion’s Royal Armor or the Wildburn Lynx Mount, to name just two..

Update 42

In parallel to ‘Gold Road’ comes update 42, a free patch for the base game The update includes a number of improvements. The in-game mail system receives a major update focused on the interface and notifications. The update also includes a “Delete After Claim” option (to keep your inboxes under control), a “Save All” option, and notifications about messages with attachments. In addition, messages you receive from your vendors will now be automatically saved to the Story Library under the “Vendor Correspondence” category. It also includes the Adventurer of a Decade achievement, which commemorates the 10th anniversary of TESO by awarding the “Broken Glory” skin to those who complete questlines from some of the most memorable adventures in the game so far.

First steps

Are you ready to explore the Western Forest? You can travel to the new area and begin the adventure in the following ways:

Through the hermitage: You can teleport directly to the area. To do so, go to the map, select ‘Gold Road’ and then choose the Skingrad Vineyards Hermitage, which will be automatically unlocked.

Through the Gold Road main quest: If you want the game to take you there, just choose the first main story mission of the chapter, “Paths of Chaos.” To find it, open the collections and then, in the story section, select “Chapter” and “Gold Road.”

Through the tutorial: You can also get there by creating a new character and completing the tutorial. Once you’ve completed it, it will be available as a destination area to begin the adventure, which is available on PC/Mac, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.